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Hexcel Composites Ltd

Hexcel Composites Ltd

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CB22 4QD Cambridge
United Kingdom

Leading manufacturer of carbon fibre and composite materials including woven and multiaxial reinforcements, prepregs, adhesives, moulding compounds, honeycombs, engineered core and aerospace structures. Serving Aerospace, Automotive, Wind Energy and other high performance markets.


  • HiMax™ Multiaxial Reinforcements

    HiMax™ multiaxial reinforcements, or non-crimp fabrics (NCF), are made up of multiple plies of parallel fibres, each laying in a different orientation or axis which allows manufacturers to process multiple layers of unidirectional fibres in a single fabric. The HiMax™ product range includes carbon fibre multiaxials, glass fibre multiaxials, aramid multiaxials, natural fibre fabrics, hybrid fabrics, fabrics for infusion, and recycled fabrics. HiMax™ engineered composite reinforcements are employed in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, wind energy, marine, sports and industrial markets.

Product news

  • Bright Lite Structures selects Hexcel carbon multiaxials for the award-winning Zenos E10 chassis on display at Advanced Engineering 2016

    Hexcel's HiMax™ carbon fibre reinforcements have been selected by Bright Lite Structures (BLS) for the manufacture of safety-critical areas of the Zenos E10 composite chassis. The engineered carbon fibre multiaxial fabrics ensure that the sports car's floor structure can withstand high seat belt pull-out loads in the event of a crash.

  • Hexcel’s multiaxial fabrics reinforce Dasyc’s transportable composite hangars

    Hexcel’s HiMax™ glass fibre fabrics were selected by Greek company Dasyc SA for the manufacture of its Composite Modular Transportable Hangar (CMTH®). Constructed from prefabricated composite sandwich panels, this innovative structure can be employed in a wide variety of civil or military applications. The use of Hexcel quadaxial reinforcements enabled Dasyc to manufacture a composite structure with a strength equivalent to that of a concrete or steel building.

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