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Dark Matter Composites Ltd & Dynabrade Europe S.à. r.l.

Dark Matter Composites Ltd & Dynabrade Europe S.à. r.l.

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AL37LG Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

General Business Description:

Dark matter composites provide world-class composites training, consultancy and dust free trimming solutions for composites. In addition to our comprehensive range of training services we can provide expert composite consultancy. We are also specialist technical partners for Dynabrade and Festool.

Our process specific courses, training resources and expert delivery are based on experience gained over twenty years. Over the last ten years, our technical course content has increased by an average of 50% and the practical tasks updated accordingly.

We have been lead consultants for writing the UK’s National Occupation Standards that dictate the content of qualifications. All our courses are fully documented to the UK's Qualifications and Curriculum Authority standards and our tutors have teaching qualifications and are fully trained and assessed in-house to guarantee the quality of our courses.

We have built a customer base that spans industry sectors rather than focus on one industry sector. We have a reputation for delivering actual solutions beyond expectations. Please see our website for testimonials from some of our numerous customers.

Dynabrade produce high end air tools that are the best available and will last for years. We are specialist suppliers of their tools into the composites industry.
Dynabrade has earned a reputation and position of continued leadership in the innovative design and manufacturing of unique portable abrasive power tools since 1969. Dynabrade designs tools for a wide range of technical applications such as cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, deburring and filing. Tools are used in the Automotive Aftermarket, AOEM, Aerospace, Industrial and Marine markets for quality finishing of various materials such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber, stone, glass, fibreglass and composites.

Thanks to continuous research and development, Dynabrade produces the most reliable, long-lasting and ergonomic tools on the market. Dynabrade ensures that all tools comply to or exceed the requirements of Health & Safety regulations.


  • Dust & Fume Extraction

    With the increasing use of composites as well as more stringent Health & Safety and environmental requirements correct extraction of fumes and dust is key.

    We provide turnkey solutions with our range of extraction benches and portable extraction that provides solutions where other equipment does not. Whether you are looking for portable extraction units or benches we can help.

    Within buildings, dust and fume extraction strategies are closely linked to heating and ventilation strategies. As part of our consultancy services we can:
    • provide health and safety advise
    • design and specify ventilation and extraction
    • design and specify for room pressurisation to contain process dust/fumes as well as protect valuable equipment

  • Tools and equipment for processing composites

    Combining Dynabrade’s continuous research and development with our composite specific expertise, we have developed air tools for processing dust free composite repairs. We are now a recognised ‘Composite Industry Specialist’ for Dynabrade products and have continued to work together to provide air tool kits specifically for use with composite materials. All our composite air tools are supplied as kits that are configured by us, to give the best solution with the most flexibility.

    Together we ensure that all tools comply to, or even exceed, the requirements of Health & Safety regulations. Defining the best solutions for processing composite materials for production and repair, we can help you achieve perfect results and improve productivity.

    As standard, all our air tool kits are supplied ready for use; complete with swivel air line connectors and male hi-flow airline connections for best tool performance. Where air tool kits are supplied with vacuum shrouds these are also supplied with vacuum hose swivel connectors and adaptors (where required) to ensure full compatibility with our range of portable dust extraction units.

    If you are unsure what tools would best suit your requirements, we can also provide ‘best practice’ advice and training to support our range of products.

  • Dark Matter Composites Ltd Step Sanding Tool Kit

    Our 'Step Sanding Tool Kits’ allow step sanded repair surfaces in composite parts to be prepared in less time than scarf surfaces and can be used cross sector, including civil, marine, automotive and aerospace repairs, to name a few.

    The combination of Dynabrade air routers with diamond surface planing heads and flexible jigs accommodate step sanded repair surfaces on parts with internal and external double curvature. The laser engraved jigs accommodate metric and imperial scales for both radii and diameters.
    Consistent step sanded repair surfaces can be produced on composite parts with significant time saving, typically 50-75% time saving over current practices.

    Paired with one of our portable dust extraction units, the on-tool extraction is highly effective at removing the dust generated at point of source, to the extent that it eliminates the need for containment curtains and dust masks during the surface preparation activity.
    High end step sanded composite repairs into the realms of standard repair practices at significantly reduced cost, we have an ‘Off the Shelf Solution'.

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