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Phillips Screw Company

Phillips Screw Company

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MA 01803 Burlington

Phillips Screw Company is the leader in innovative and cost effective fastening solutions. The MORTORQ® Super spiral drive system solves assembly and maintenance problems while reducing weight. Our global network of manufacturers assures availability of genuine MORTORQ® Super spiral drive, HEXSTIX® stable drive, and PHILLIPS II® fasteners and drivers. We have a system that exceeds your requirements with the optimal performance that comes from our commitment to continuous improvement.


  • External MORTORQ® Super lightweight bolt design

    The EXTERNAL MORTORQ® SUPER Spiral Drive System provides the maximum torque in a light weight low height design. Tighter design clearances result in overall weight reductions for bolts and structures yielding the greatest possible efficiency for today's and tomorrow's vehicles.

  • MORTORQ® Spiral Drive Recess

    The MORTORQ® Spiral Drive System offers outstanding operational and cost efficiencies. Its unique shape provides full contact of the driver over the recess wing resulting in extremely high torque capability without risk of damage to the fastener, tool or surrounding area. Additionally, its low-profile head helps reduce weight

  • MORTORQ® Super Spiral Drive Recess

    The MORTORQ® SUPER Spiral Drive System is the most advanced industrial drive system available today. Featuring an exceptionally shallow recess, it sets the standard for strength and functionality. Its recess geometry provides full driver contact over the entire mating surface of the recess wings. This results in extreme high-torquing capability without risk of damage to the fastener or surrounding head area. Minimal head height reduces the weight of fastened components. Made with less material and light in weight, MORTORQ SUPER contributes to greener products.

  • HEXSTIX® Stable Drive System

    The HEXSTIX® Stable Drive System increases speed and efficiency in one-handed applications of assembled components. The screw recess design has an outstanding ability to hold firmly to the driver bit at the point of assembly — with no magnetic bits or vacuum screw holders required. For maintenance and field use, standard driver bits can be used to remove or replace HEXSTIX screws.


    The benefits of the PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV® Drive System are significant. In larger, higher torque applications where stick-fit is crucial, PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV is especially useful. Fasteners can be better controlled at higher torque levels for optimum clamp loads. This reduces driver bit wear and eliminates driver cam-out which can cause recess reaming, component damage/rework and operator injury.

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