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Crosslink Solutions Ltd

Crosslink Solutions Ltd

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WS120QF Staffordshire
United Kingdom

Crosslink is a producer of CROSSBRID and CROSSFLEX primer-less hybrid adhesives and sealants. We are a turn key supplier providing technical support,stock management and high performing products. Under the CROSSCRYL range, Crosslink supplies structural bonding systems which by nature are chemical curing.


  • Crossflex

    Advanced primer-less panel bonding & sealing.
    PU & MS ranges to suit production activities.
    Variety of strength with elongation.
    Ability to adhere to range of substrates.
    High gap filling capabilities.
    Over paint-able.
    Excellent load & dynamic stress absorption.
    Fire retardant & UV resistance accredited.
    Cartridges, sausages, pails & drums options.

  • Acralock

    Chemical bonding with fatigue resistance built in.
    Durable new high strength chemistry.
    Suitable for a range of dissimilar materials.
    Metals, composites, GFRP, most plastics & coatings.
    Even stress distribution across the panel.
    Choice of strength & flexibility options.

  • Crosscryl

    CROSSCRYL 2 component structural bonding adhesives.

    CROSSCRYL is designed for high strength structural bonding of composites, metals and thermoplastics materials.

    Available in 1:1 and 10:1 ratio cartridge systems.
    Choice of fast and slower working and assembly times.
    Extremely high strength with rigidity.
    Primer-less .
    Supplied in natural, white, black and grey.
    High chemical resistance.
    Low price range, providing excellent value .

  • Techno FR

    TECHNO FR is a fire, smoke and fume retardant sealer adhesive.
    This unique product combines high flexible properties with the ability to adhere primer-less to a range of substrates.

    Rail approved to EN45545 (Fire, smoke & fume) EU regulations.
    High environmental durability performance.
    Good elongation and excellent tear resistance.
    UV resistant to QUV (+1000 hours) accelerated aging.
    long working time for large applications.
    Non Isocyanate & odourless formulation.
    UV, chemical & mould resistant for marine deck caulking .
    High heat aging performance.
    Flexible once cured.
    Easy to extrude.

  • Crossbrid

    CROSSBRID is a one component, high strength, elastomeric adhesive with excellent primer-less adhesion properties

    High initial grab and strength characteristics.
    Excellent working time.
    Non Isocyanate & odourless formulation.
    UV, chemical & mould resistant.
    Flexible once cured.
    Easy to extrude.
    Bonds to a range of dissimilar substrates.
    Non shrinkage.


    For safe removal of : Glass bonding & other adhesives, paints, foams, resins, oils, grease & other heavy to remove contaminates. 'Smooth Scrub' cleans without skin roughness or irritation.

  • Bond-Wipes

    The very best in robust surface preparation: Chemical wipes. The perfect pre-cleaning in preparation for the structural or glass or metal bonding or sealing.

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