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Kemet International / NGL Nordic

Kemet International / NGL Nordic

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ME15 9NJ Maidstone, Kent

Precision lapping, polishing and cleaning specialists, Kemet International Ltd develop optimum processes for specific challenges and supply the necessary equipment, accessories, consumables and training to transfer this knowledge to customers. NGL Nordic offer over 300 aqueous cleaning fluids for use in ultrasonic cleaning systems as well as equipment and chemicals for waste water treatment.


  • New Corus Range of UltraSonic Cleaners

    The new range of Corus units, featuring FinnSonic's unique "Genius" ultrasonic technology (automatic adaptation of generator
    parameters to ensure constant maximum cleaning power), is aimed at general maintenance cleaning, but have numerous applications, including:
    Tool and mould cleaning
    – Plastic injection moulds
    – Die casting
    – Rubber moulds
    – Glass packing moulds
    – Extrusion tools
    • Coolers
    • Filters
    • Manufacturing equipment
    • Engine parts

    Other Features and Benefits include:
    - Tank dimensions are based on Euro pallet standard.
    - Cleaned parts are placed into the cleaning tank in a wash basket.
    - Each unit is an independent module.
    - Modules can be placed next to each other to form a line with washing and rinsing stages.
    - System can be further complemented with storage tanks, filtration, Ergo Station (for inspection, flushing, air blasting), chain hoist etc.

    A heavy duty range (HD) is also available as is the FinnSonic Corus XL range for larger applications offers 1,000 – 15,000 litre tanks

  • Bench Top Spherical Lapping/Polishing Machine

    The Kemisphere is a small single station spherical lapping and polishing machine ideal for either matching 2 spherical forms together or, with appropriate tooling, it has the ability to lap and polish spherical forms to <5um roundness with a mirror finish.
    It’s a perfect replacement for jobs currently hand lapped together, and its bench top design makes it a useful addition to any spherical lapping workshop.
    • 3 motors with independent variable speed control
    • Simple tooling change
    • Low running costs
    • Manual and jog facility provided for setting
    • Fully guarded with interlocks and safety circuit
    • Single button process start
    • Eye level controls
    • Digital Timer
    • Dimensions 400mm x 500mm x 900 (h)
    • Electrical supply 230V-single phase-50Hz
    • Sweep setting from 0-45 degrees fully adjustable
    • CW and CCW rotation of yoke motor

    Tooling for laps designed to fit your components

  • Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids/Machines

    Kemet offer Perfect Solutions/Perfect Cleanliness
    At the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technologies, Kemet International Ltd provide innovative solutions to achieve precise geometry and finish. Maintaining this finish is key so Kemet have established strategic partnerships with world leading manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and aqueous based cleaning fluids.
    Kemet offer the Finnsonic range of modular industrial ultrasonic cleaners (40 to 160 litres) with rinse tanks, hot air dryers, filtration and transport systems, providing a complete process line. More complex systems can be designed and manufactured for specific applications - from large single tanks to fully automated mass production systems. Kemet also offers a robust range of bench top cleaners from 5 to 30 litres.
    All are designed for use with aqueous detergents, which produce stronger ultrasonic cavitation action than solvents and are more environmentally acceptable. Kemet offer biodegradable cleaning fluids from NGL Cleaning Technology, with over 300 standard cleaning fluids (neutral, alkaline or acid types), free trials by Kemet’s technical specialists will establish the perfect solution to your cleaning challenges.
    It is easier to maintain a high standard cleaning cell if you only need to call one supplier for technical or practical support. Kemet’s strategic partnerships, five countrywide technical sales representatives, internal technical team, and after sales/service departments offer this.
    If you need help or advice on a cleaning challenge contact Kemet International

  • Kemet Portable Grinder Polisher

    • Lightweight separate battery pack and controller for Nakanishi
    brushless motor and right angled handpiece. (1,000-25,000rpm)
    • Includes 4:1 reduction gear for higher torque
    • Battery life 2 ½ - 5 hours constant use (Charger included)
    • Visual LED display showing RPM, load indication,
    and battery level.
    • On/Off, Speed control, and direction of rotation.
    • Utility belt to hold the controller, handpiece and other items.
    • Product code: 339098

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