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Röchling Engineering Plastics UK Ltd

Röchling Engineering Plastics UK Ltd

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GL22AA Gloucester
United Kingdom

Your UK manufacturing partner for CNC machined plastics and composites. Part of the global Röchling Plastics Group, over 170 people across three UK sites provide the expertise, knowledge and support to help solve the most challenging plastics manufacturing problems. AS9100C has enhanced our commitment to the aerospace sector. We continue to offer help with material selection and design for your application as the drive to find weight saving opportunities accelerates.
PEEK, PCTFE, PVDF, PTFE, POM, PI, UHMPE, PPS, PES, PP & PE. Sizes from micro (<1mm) through to massive (>3m). CNC turning and up to 5-axis CNC milling; prototype and high volumes made to specification.
Global production of thermoplastic raw material stock shapes.


  • Help with material selection

    We can help with material selection and design of your plastic components. We know what different plastics can do and which types of processing are practicable from a technology perspective. Precise machining and customisation of parts for your application is our forte.

    Our products and services:
    Advice on plastic selection
    Review of construction for functionality and production
    Technical product design on the most modern CAD systems
    Precisely fitting, bespoke parts
    Cost savings in production and assembly

  • New: antistatic sliding material LubX® AST black

    The controlled dissipation of electrostatic charges is increasingly important in conveying technology. Conveyor systems for sensitive goods, such as electronic components, have to be constructed from materials that avoid static build-up by means of controlled dissipation. Previously, however, materials with antistatic properties had reduced sliding properties.

    Due to the high demand, we have now equipped our proven sliding material LubX® with antistatic properties and developed the new antistatic sliding material LubX® AST black. LubX® AST black combines excellent wear properties with controlled electrostatic dissipation and is specifically designed for machines in conveying systems that have to be operated at high speeds. In comparison to standard antistatic materials for machine construction, LubX® AST black, with a sliding friction coefficient of µ: 0.19, offers more than 30% better sliding properties. In combination with permanent antistatic properties, LubX® AST black improves the economic efficiency of your transport processes and allows controlled dissipation.

    Surface resistance < 109 Ω
    Improved sliding properties
    Good dry running properties
    Resistance to wear

    Protection against static charges
    Reduced soiling resulting from static charges, no attraction of dirt particles
    Short running-in period
    Reduced heat generation
    Long service life

    Product range:
    Extruded profiles
    Sheets up to a size of 6,000 x 2,500 mm
    Round rods up to a diameter of 130 mm
    Machining on CNC machining centres according to customer specifications

  • Precision machined plastic components from Röchling Engineering Plastics (UK) Ltd

    Ball cages from engineering plastics. Good wear properties. Weight saving.

Product news

  • Softlofting TM procedure from Röchling Automotive - self-extinguishing lightweight material

    Röchling Automotive has found the key to a lock that no one has previously been able to open. The engineers were faced with the question of how porous LWRT plastic materials (low-weight reinforced thermoplastics) could be used in environments where dangerous flammable media is present – for instance in the engine compartment. The Röchling engineers found an answer.

    While it is true that gasoline or other combustible media shouldn’t be in places they don’t belong, legislature makes laws that consider these types of unlikely events. Technical regulations that precisely regulate the spread of flames are rooted in this logic.

    The newly developed Syntralite TM lightweight materials will be used in exactly such environments in the future. In the event of a fire, it has self-extinguishing properties. But it gets better: Röchling Automotive, as a lightweight and acoustics specialist, has a true novelty in addition to Syntralite TM – an acoustically effective lightweight material that is not damaged by fire, even if it was soaked in gasoline beforehand.

    Optimally Combining Materials

    For exhaust system covers and side engine-insulations, Röchling Automotive has already combined LWRT materials with aluminum. From there it was still a huge leap to the newly developed, weight-optimized, and acoustically-effective solution with thin perforated aluminum film on both sides. The right combination of materials was first established when doing detail work on parameters like process capacity, low weight per unit area, good heat dissipation, and high heat reflection.

    The result of this detail work is impressive: The proven, flexible Softlofting TM procedure from Röchling Automotive, which plays a prominent role in the manufacture of noise absorbing components, also works with the new material. With that, the key to excellent acoustic and lightweight properties was found. The material does not burn, mechanical parameters can still be set selectively, and, thanks to a low-pressure press procedure, it is compact while retaining excellent resistance.

  • Playing colourful: Polystone® Play-Tec® now available in three-coloured sheets

    Playgrounds are the ideal place for developing children's motor skills and social skills. Parents care mainly about one thing: Playground equipment must be suitable for children and safe, so they can feel safe while letting their little ones enjoy new experiences. When planning and designing playgrounds, this must be taken into account from the very start. Polystone® Play-Tec® was developed especially for playgrounds and meets the high demands on

    New: Now available as three-coloured sheet

    Children love a colourful world. Polystone® Play-Tec® is available in all RAL colours single-coloured, two-coloured and now even three-coloured. The additional colouring opens up a variety of brand-new designs through additional milling options. Polystone® Play-Tec®'s long-lasting colouring is unique in the market. Tests in accelerated weathering devices (DIN EN ISO 4892-2) and our own outdoor weathering units confirm the excellent colour durability. Please contact us for further information.

    Safety is our top priority
    In their urge to explore, children often treat playground equipment anything but gently. For this reason, the materials must be absolutely safe. This means:
    there is no risk of injury due to splintering or breaking of the playground elements.
    no danger emanates from the material itself due to hazardous substances.
    Polystone® Play-Tec® fulfils these high requirements and has been tested and certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH in accordance with DIN EN 71-3, -9, -10, -11.

    Sheet dimensions: Width up to 2440 mm Length practically unlimited Thickness: 6-25 mm

  • Micro machined plastic parts from Röchling Engineering Plastics (UK) Ltd

    Röchling Insoll focus on manufacturing small components to demanding design specifications:
    •Component diameters down to 0.5mm
    •Bore sizes to 0.1mm
    •Wall thickness as low as 0.1mm approx, even on PTFE
    •Tolerances as tight as 0.02mm
    •Surface finishes of N4 (0.2 micro mm Ra)
    •Component aspect ratios of 100:1
    Our quality measurement systems and equipment, including non- contact and multi-sensor-probe instrumentation, have capability of 1micron accuracy to provide the highest levels of quality control.


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