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Asquith Butler

Asquith Butler

Stand N62

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HD62RA West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Asquith Butler have been manufacturing machines tools since 1865 and are acknowledged as world leaders in the design and manufacture of large capacity machining centers. The company is guardian of the world renowned “Asquith” and “Butler” machine brands featuring iconic products such as the Asquith “Radial Arm Drill”, “Ram-Type” machines and the Butler “Elgamill”
Today the company focuses on bespoke “state of the art” multi-axis CNC machine tools to meet the ever increasing demands of today’s manufacturing industries. Whatever your machine requirement, working with our manufacturing partners , SAHOS/BRAY and we are able to offer machining centers with the very latest technology to the highest quality standards at competitive prices.

SAHOS/BRAY produce High Specification NC Machine Tools for all your Aerospace, Composite, Plastics, Pattern Making and Aluminium Milling requirements

CNC Machining Centre solutions for automotive modelling, pattern making, Aerospace machining, F1, Military and civil aircraft, competition and road vehicles, boa building, wind power and renewable energy.


  • SAHOS/BRAY BRAM 5 Axis CNC Machining Centre

    Specially Designed machine for efficient machining of Aluminium Aerospace components.
    Tables sizes from 3000mm x 1500mm
    Vertical Travels for 800mm to 1600mm
    Spindle Speed upto 24,000 RPM,18Kw

  • SAHOS/BRAY BRAL High Speed 5 Axis CNC Machining Centre

    BRAL FC3000 5X CNC Machining Centre, Designed for efficient machining of Aluminium Extrusions, Pattern and Mold and Aerospace components.
    Table Size From 3000mm x 1500
    Spindle 24000RPM. 12 or 18Kw
    Heidenhain TNC530 HSCI

Product news


    Total Machining Solutions Ltd. recently installed a New SAHOS Dynamic FC4000 MAX 5 Axis CNC Machining Centre. The machine complements their existing two 5 Axis machines and suite of vertical spindle VMC Machines.
    The machine will be used for machining a wide range of components and patterns for the aerospace, F1 and automotive industries
    The Customer selected the enlarged MAX HIGH version of the DYNAMIC machine which provides a machining envelope of 4000mm x 2200mm x 1095mm. This capacity is especially impressive given the relatively small footprint.
    The machine is fitted with a Heidenhain iTNC530 and is as standard equipped with the Heidenhain HR520 Remote handwheel for simple work piece set up. This was further enhanced by the supply of workpiece and tool measuring probe
    The machine has a 18kw, 2 Axis swiveling head with 24,000RPM and 20.9Nm of torque available.
    For increased accuracy all axes were equipped with direct measurement (linear scales and high precision rotary encoders for the 2 rotating axes.)
    The whole machine installation was enclosed by a bespoke sealed guarding system with extraction systems. This effectively prevents escape of dust and chippings into the workshop area.
    Total Machining Solutions Ltd (TMS) is based in Chatham Kent and was founded in August 2010 by Paul Beckett, they have a 4500 sq ft facility and combine Project management and CNC Machining services. This combination gives TMS the capacity to provide a flexible and efficient service capable of meeting the rapid turnaround and high tolerance demands of the Formula one teams / Automotive / Aerospace / Design / Film companies.
    TMS has a large flexible work space which means they can handle medium - large projects with easy access to the M2 and M20 Motorway links.

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