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Hexion CCT

Hexion CCT

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Combined Composite Technologies Ltd. ("Hexion CCT") is a subsidiary of Hexion Inc. located in Fareham on the south coast of the UK. Hexion CCT produces composite tools and components for the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Rail and Renewable sectors. Hexion CCT's specialty is in our ability to create highly accurate and complex parts and tools through often unique production methods for low to medium size production runs as well as one-off prototype or demonstrator items.
Hexion CCT offers a full range of services from design through tooling, material selection and manufacturing capability. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in composite production in a high variety of segments.
Hexion CCT has in-house training facilities for our engineers, technicians and laminators to ensure we nurture our talents and stay at the leading edge of composite processing.
With backward integration to Hexion Inc., our parent company we have access to the latest resin and coating technology providing the best options for our customers.


  • OptiBox™ Tooling System

    The Optibox™ Tooling System is an automated processing / programmable logic controlled (PLC) resin curing & moulding system. Once loaded with fibre reinforcements, this self heating mould tool tracks resin filling and curing through a variety of sensors, enabling cycle time optimisation. Multi-zone heat controls can be programmed to respond to sensor feedback, promoting optimised curing to achieve desired part tolerances and finish.
    The Optibox™ Tooling System allows for efficient use of time, space, energy, expense and manpower—all important practical considerations for the smaller-scale manufacturing business, whether aiming to produce 10 or 15,000 units per year.
    First off, the Optibox tool can help maximise cycle efficiency for cost and energy savings. To track curing, thermocouple probes monitor the laminate’s surface area to keep temperature deviations within +/- 3 degrees, precluding hot or cool spots. As soon as curing is complete, the part can be demoulded, often ahead of the recommended schedule. Over many cycles, a few minutes saved can add up to a big boost in operational productivity.
    Infrastructure costs are reduced as well: no autoclave, oven or heavy duty power supply is required, and mould and “B” faces are interchangeable. The basic Optibox™ Tooling System is designed to be portable. Its standard 80 x 60 x 60 cm housing accommodates an integrated and easily interchangeable, single or multi-cavity mould tool, for increased production flexibility and tool diversity. To meet customer requirements, the device can be scaled up to accommodate larger moulds. The Optibox™ Tooling System operates on
    standard electrical current. Lastly, labour costs are kept to a minimum. Once programmed, its plug and play simplicity means the Optibox
    tool is operable by relatively unskilled labour, with speedy set-up and high quality production.


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