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Alicona UK Ltd

Alicona UK Ltd

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Alicona specialise in the manufacture of optical non-contact 3D measuring systems. The systems are able to measure both profile and surface finish on a wide range of components. Using a technology called Focus Variation we are able to measure steep slopes, small radii and surface texture by producing a 3D model of the surface and making measurements on that. This point cloud model can also be used to compare against CAD data or for wear analysis.


  • Collaborative Robotic Measurements

    Man, robots and Measurement Technology for large objects

    In the age of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, flexible production strategies require intelligent interaction between humans and robots.

    Alicona have developed collaborative systems created from universal robots, Alicona optical metrology technology and man to provide flexible quality assurance systems in production.

    These measurement solutions can be used either manually or automatically for inspection of features on large objects. Systems can be built for quality assurance of round heavy components (illustrated here) with a weight up to 120Kg or horizontal systems for large flat objects on which detailed features need to be measured
    Applications for this production-integrated measurement solution include the control of sharp edges/break out on aircraft engine turbine disks and to detect chipping along the edge and to verify minimum radii, essential for safety and reliability in the engine. The systems can also be used to measure “dings” or scratches at discreet locations on the surfaces of these objects.
    Other applications include the measurement of mismatch on large turned and machined objects, quality assurance of circular saw blades or grinding wheels.
    The wheeled design makes the robot portable and flexible to use in a variety of places. Manufacturers have the option of taking the measurement to the product or taking the product to the measurement.
    The handling of the new robot measuring systems is very easy and user friendly either automatically or manually. The Automatic modes can be preprogrammed and the measurements made unattended.
    In manual mode the operator manipulates the robot arm and measuring sensor to the required position for measurement, two handles and integrated joystick are mounted on the sensor, so the robot is easy to move. By means of an app, a smartphone displays the live view for manual, precise positioning and measurement. At the end the user receives a measurement report with OK and NOT OK statements.
    For Alicona smart manufacturing is based on the interaction of machines and their operators. Our smart systems unite the measurement and machining process, allowing for automated measurements and the integration of advanced robotics. As a user you benefit from higher accuracy and speed of production. Additionally, it helps you to increase workplace efficiencies and worker safety.

  • InfiniteFocus G5 Real3D

    Alicona non-contact optical non-contact measurement systems provide the ideal solution for the measurement of surfaces produced by Grinding, turning, milling, lapping and shot peening.
    Using the unique measurement technique of Focus Variation these instruments are able to measure and characterise all engineered surfaces to verify conformance to specification. Also they are able to characterise surface defects to ensure they fall within the specified tolerances allowed.
    These very accurate optical instruments can be used also to measure, for example, edge break, burrs and small radii providing data not normally available with conventional methods.
    Optical surface measurement offers many advantages over tactile or profile based systems, the first is of course that the measurement is non-contact, this removes any chance of micro damage on the surface caused by the profilometer stylus. In addition non-contact allows measurement on non planer surfaces, small radii and small surface features also on soft materials such as plastic and rubber.
    The systems are very easy to use and will operate effectively both in production and also in the measurement lab.
    Measurement capabilities include surface roughness, surface texture, profile, volume and 2 dimensional information, optional capabilities include comparison against CAD, wear and full 3D measurement.

  • Alicona SL 3D Measurement System

    Traceable 3D measurement with colour images

    InfiniteFocusSL is a cost efficient optical 3D measurement system for easy, fast and traceable measurement of form and finish on
    micro structured surfaces. Users are able to measure form and roughness of components with only one system. In addition, color
    images with high contrast and depth of focus are achieved. The robust frame and the intelligent illumination technology provide
    fast and high resolution measurement in the laboratory and in a production near environment.

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