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FerroCrtalic d.o.o.

FerroCrtalic d.o.o.

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8350 Dolenjske Toplice

The company was established in 1964 as a private workshop, but has through the years developed into a well-known global company. Today FerroČrtalič is one the leading manufacturers of surface treatment systems world-wide and our name is based on 50 years of know-how, a tradition of innovation and excellence. Our approach to guidance is to advise and suggest the most suitable equipment for our customers; thereby we help them to always remain one step ahead of their competition. We successfully achieve that with constant improvement and upgrading of knowledge and the use of the most modern technologies in our processes. The company FerroČrtalič specialises in engineering complete custom made solutions for unique and most demanding challenges in the surface treatment industry. Our primary goal is to help our partners all over the world to solve problems regarding surface treatment and to improve the growth of their companies. Our satisfied customers are particularly appreciative of the fact that each project is designed and made to suit their special needs and is applicable in their unique processes. Superior added value distinguishes FerroECOBlast solutions from competition on the market. We always strive to go beyond written minimal conditions since we are aware that in the eyes of our customers only excellence is good enough. We understand excellence as top level designed and 100% reliable equipment. We are committed to overcome the expectations of our customers, our concern is long-term satisfaction with us and our products.


  • Peening of all kind of metal or alloy parts

    In machine, CSP 1300 ROT is possibly to peen all kind of metal or alloy parts by means of pressured air peening. Machine can be additionally programed for processing of other various parts. Machine is designed to operate in universal and flexible working process. Shot peening cabinet is suitable for operating in automatic working mode with all functions and programing designed to be user friendly. Automatic working mode meaning that machine is capable of running automatic process of shot peening so that achieved results on workpieces are consistent and repeatable. For automatic working mode it is necessary to create working program for different workpieces and to store it in control system.

  • Shot Peening Cell

    We developed Shot peening cell, where we can perform the variety of tests from which we acquire much needed knowledge and experience that we can later offer to the customer. We provide Shot peening services for trial purposes or full scale production peening of products. In Shot peening cell, we can shot peen virtually every workpiece such as aircraft undercarriage, aircraft turbine engine blades, automotive parts, chassis, etc.

  • Blasting of jet engine shafts

    Inside and outside blasting of jet engine shafts. Special blasting system is designed for inside and outside blasting of jet engine shafts according to customer’s specifications. The machine is equipped with fully controllable automatic multi area blasting possibility with manual loading and unloading with automatic blasting cycle.

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