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SD Products Ltd

SD Products Ltd

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NG17 2JZ Sutton-In-Ashfield
United Kingdom

We are a UK and Global supplier and distributor of industrial nuts bolts and industrial fasteners based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Our extensive product catalogue includes cable, pipe, edge, hose, panel and trim clips, hole plugs and caps, plastic rivets and buttons, nuts and push-on parts, nylon fasteners, furniture fittings and hardware, as well as cage nuts, U and J nuts, wave springs and more.

Since setting up business in 1979 we've been committed to providing quality products and services, with our quality system ISO 9001:2000 ensuring that our range of industrial nuts bolts and industrial fasteners always meet or exceed your expectations. And as the leading supplier and distributor of industrial nuts, bolts and industrial fasteners plus thanks to our large quantities of stock, we’re able to offer speedy deliveries with next day dispatch to the UK and free local delivery around the Mansfield and Nottinghamshire area.


  • Cable and Pipe Clips

    Screw Mountable Pipe Clip – Integral grounding feature. Vibration resistant latched design is ideal for heavy duty applications. Suitable for securing flexible corrugated conduit.

    Side Entry Push Fit Clips – Fixed into chassis with a single push the clip retains itself in the panel. Suitable for various bundle sizes.

    Cable Clip - Edge Mounted – Edge mounted via 4 teeth metal spring form. Vibration resistant and simple to install by hand. Action of inserting cable activates special retention latch.

    Push Fit Hinged Cable Clips – Suitable for securing convoluted conduit. Hinge mechanism locks cable in place.

  • Captive Nuts

    A nut that is attached to a fitting is known as a captive nut or self-retained nut. Captive nuts, also known as speed clips and spire clips, work best on thin materials, especially in blind locations and when the finish of the surface must be preserved. The applications may include electrical equipment and appliances, automotive industry and machinery. SD Products Ltd offers captive nuts produced from only the best quality materials like hardened and tempered steel and nylon for optimal durability.

  • Latches and Strikes

    Latches and strikes, also known as latches and strikers, are ideal for smaller doors and access panels. They offer an easy solution for holding a panel in place securely in a fastened position. Latching devices from SD Products Ltd are manufactured from durable plastic to ensure a smooth, quiet and long life operation. They are available in a variety of opening and closing pressures, at higher temperatures pull out loads are affected. Door catches and studs form us are quick and easy to install, they are suitable for most applications including domestic appliances and steel doors. Additionally in our catalogue you can find roller catches and studs, which are perfect for numerous applications including oven doors and steel cabinets. Manufactured from high quality austempered carbon steel both catch and stud are highly durable and stress resistant.

  • Marine and Fabric Fasteners

    On our Marine and Fabric Fasteners page you can browse through a large selection of specialised fasteners and components. All products in the category are manufactured form quality brass and polyacetal, they are low-cost and easy to use. Our spur teeth washers and grommets as well as brass eyelets and rings are used extensively in the textile industry. Tri snaps offer an economical snap fastener, ideal for lightweight applications. We stock a large range of DOT brand fasteners which are well known for quality and durability. Durable dot and pull the dot ranges from SD Products made from heavy gauge brass and designed to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure without unlocking. The fasteners are self-piercing so that they can be attached even to the roughest fabrics without the need for pre-punching. Common sense turnbuttons are positive locking fasteners assembled with a spring mechanism that holds the stud button in position until turned by hand.

    SD Products Ltd is committed to providing superior products and services and competitive prices for our customers. Thanks to our large quantities of stock we are able to offer speedy deliveries with next day dispatch to the UK and free local delivery around the Mansfield and Nottinghamshire area. We also deliver to over 50 countries outside UK. Our quality system ISO 9001:2000 ensures that our range of specialised and standard fasteners always meets and exceeds our customers' expectations.

  • Bonding Fasteners

    Bonding fasteners from SD Products come in a variety of types and sizes and feature a unique design – ideal for applications where the fastening has to be out of sight. Bonding fasteners are extremely versatile, they can be used on a number of different materials providing equally strong and reliable fixing. They are widely used in the automotive and marine and aerospace industries, highly regarded for their light weight and durability. There are 2 preferred methods of installation, the fasteners can either be fully embedded or surface mounded using an adhesive. The flat perforated head offers a wide surface area, ensuring better load distribution.

    In addition to our standard line we also supply a wide variety of bespoke parts suitable for highly specialised applications and requirements. Our catalogue holds a large selection of bonded fastener types produced from high quality mild plain-carbon steel. Dependability in demanding conditions is especially important considering that bespoke bonding fasteners are often used in medical and firefighting equipment as well as in numerous automotive, marine and aerospace applications.

  • Compression Rings and Limiters

    Compression rings are primarily designed for knob-to-shaft applications. They effectively eliminate the need for inserts and setscrews when used as compression limiters inside the bolt hole. This allows for faster and easier assembly at the same time reducing the cost. The compression ring squeezes firmly around the bolt, pressure is distributed evenly around the shaft of the bolt ensuring that stress and wear are greatly reduced. Manufactured from high quality carbon steel compression rings are highly durable, making them ideal for a large variety of practical applications. Widely used in the automotive industry, machinery and even for domestic purposes they are, without a doubt, extremely widespread.

  • Trim Type Edge Clips

    SD Products offers a range of Trim Type Edge Clips. These clips are primarily used in the automotive assembly, however they can have other industrial applications and can often be found in various domestic appliances. The barbed U-shaped body of the fastener ensures a secure and rattle-free installation. Our trim type edge clips are manufactured from carbon steel, an alloy of iron and carbon that makes these fasteners harder and offers increased heat resistance.

  • VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners

    SD Products supplies a large range of different types of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners. Hook and loop fasteners are easy to use and extremely versatile; they can be found in a wide variety of applications. These fasteners are particularly popular in clothing and fabric manufacture, ranging from adaptive clothing for people with physical disabilities to combat uniforms for the army. Hook and loop fasteners are perfect for cable management solutions, numerous domestic applications, automotive sector, gardening and more.

    Hook and loop fasteners naturally consist of two components – one fabric strip fitted with tiny polyester hooks and another fitted with tiny loops. When both fabric strips are pressed together they form a temporary but secure bond, which can vary in strength depending on material and application. The bond can be easily separated by hand when peeling the strips apart. However when the force is applied equally across the surface of the fabric strip hook and loop fasteners can hold considerable weight without compromising the bond. Hook and loop fasteners are safe, reliable and low maintenance.

    Although these fasteners can be produced by many different manufacturers VELCRO® Brand is very much synonymous with hook and loop. It’s not uncommon for people to refer to hook and loop simply as “Velcro”. Velcro Industries is a worldwide corporation with over 60 years of experience in the market, it still holds a patent on hook and loop technology. Over the years Velcro Industries recommend itself as a trusted leader in the consumer, medical, military, packaging, transportation, construction, and personal care markets.

    SD Products is proud to be a distributor for Velcro Industries, we supply numerous lines of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners and we can always guarantee the quality of our products. Our range includes heavy duty stick on tape, reusable ties, adjustable straps, plant ties and more.

  • W-Buttons and Arrow Clips

    W-buttons, Arrow Clips and Keyhole Clips are designed for a quick and easy hand assembly of thin-gauge board or sheet materials like wood, plastic or metal. Despite the fact that these fasteners can be installed applying only finger pressure they still offer secure fixing for any application. The parts in this category are manufactured form high quality acetal and nylon. W-buttons moulded from acetal are exceptionally tough and durable, they can withstand extreme heat and they practically don’t absorb any water. When forced through a pre-punched hole the body of the w-button expands, offering firm and secure fixing. Both arrow and keyhole clips are produced form a polyamide from nylon class known as Nylon 6/6, which offers increased stress resistance while retaining elasticity and lustre. Highly resilient to chemicals these fasteners are great for hazardous environments where parts produced form lesser materials would wear and corrode. Arrow clips compress as they are pushed through the hole and spring back to the original shape when the installed. Keyhole clips work on the same principle, however they also have a keyhole shaped interior which allows them to compress more making the fastener easier to push through the hole.

Product news

  • SD Products designs a solution for Jaguar Land Rover

    SD Products Ltd is a third generation family owned business with over 40 years of experience as a stockist distributor of specialist fasteners. With each year, as our business continues to grow, we aim to raise the bar and further expand our extensive product catalogue. One of the areas we focused on in 2016 was our automotive range, which already includes over 900 unique fasteners and fixings.

    In addition to our standard stock we often have to come up with unique solutions to suit our customers’ precise requirements. We recently received an enquiry from a tier 1 Jaguar Land Rover supplier for a fixing that would hold a seal to a BIW (Body in White) section of a vehicle. The brief was to design a low profile fastener for both A and B surfaces that would also have to prevent lateral movement.

    We visited the customer, assessed the application and found that none of the available fixings would completely prevent a possibility of clashing with supporting BIW. We came up with a design for a brand new solution that consisted of a 2 piece snap fastener and raised the initial drawing. First 3D printed prototypes of the design revealed that some excess material needed to be removed from the fastener head.

    After all necessary amendments were completed the updated version of the design was submitted for a second round of prototyping. The part was subsequently deemed fit for purpose and taken to tooling stage. The final batch of samples was tested and approved by the tier 1 supplier and Jaguar Land Rover, the part is now in full production. Contact us for any design or engineering solutions you would like us to help with.

  • SD Products, Proud to be an Official ARaymond Distributor

    SD Products Ltd is a third generation family owned business, established in 1979 as a stockist distributor of specialist fasteners, we supply product across all industries. The corner stones of our business are Quality Products at Competitive prices with Service and Supply requirements tailored to our customers’ needs.

    It is with great pleasure we are proud to announce our official association with ARaymond.

    Since its inception in 1865, the ARaymond Network has become a world leader in assembly technology with a history marked by defining inventions. A core value of the Network, innovation always has been encouraged and developed within the company. In its 150 years, four generations of the Raymond family have continued the pioneering spirit of the founder with a determination to innovate and maintain its status as a family business.

    The Network core competencies include:

    • Engineering and services within its customer networks;
    • Metal transformation;
    • Plastic injection;
    • Production of adhesives, and
    • Automatic, high-speed assembly of parts made of metal, plastic or a combination of both.

    ARaymond™ fastening solutions for industry are suitable for a wide range of applications, including house appliances, Electrical, lightning, electronic, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), furniture, vending machine, etc.

    ARaymond Industrial offers assembly and fastening solutions in Plastic and Metal and assembly of both that enable manufacturers to achieve significant productivity improvements. ARaymond Industrial delivers fast, simple fixing solutions, facilitating and speeding up production line assembly operations. Besides cutting manpower costs, the latest ARaymond™ clips, fasteners and connectors also bring added-value benefits in terms of weight reduction, simpler quality control, more efficient logistics and lower recycling costs.

    ARaymond Industrial engineers can work alongside OEMs to redesign components and adapt manufacturing processes so they can achieve the highest levels of productivity possible, reduce workers muscle strains from using either it’s standard or bespoke fastening solutions.

    SD Products Ltd looks forward to a long standing and successful relationship with the ARaymond Network, adding this portfolio of product can only enhance the service we provide to our clients.

  • SD Products - the official UK distributor for Schock Metall

    As a further means of maintaining the high standard of service our customers come to expect, we try to keep our catalogue as up to date and as relevant as possible. With that in mind we are proud to announce that SD Products is now the official UK distributor for Schock Metall.

    Schock Metall is a family owned company based in Urbach, Germany. With over 40 years of experience in the market, Schock has established itself as a globally recognized expert in the field of ball bearing slides and special profiles. The company is widely known for providing quality “Made in Germany” products in a variety of business sectors, including industry, automotive, household appliances, furniture and office.

    Schock Metall is a leader in linear motion technology and the company’s stringent quality standards are considered benchmarks in the industry. Schock’s telescopic ball bearing slides are known for excellent running characteristics, high reliability under load and long, maintenance-free service life. Special cold-rolled profiles are manufactured according to customer requirements and offer unlimited design possibilities.

    In 2013 Schock Metal set a new standard in sliding technology when they introduced AIR MOTION – a new smooth-action sliding system. The concept of AIR MOTION stands for excellent smooth operation, comfortable feel, high-quality appearance, high resilience and long durability.

    An extensive range of Schock Metall products is now available form SD Products. We are excited to be in business with Schock and we hope to have a long and successful relationship.

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