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Osco Ltd

Osco Ltd

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MK11DR Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

OSCO's Product Portfolio includes Cable and Litz Wire for Stator Windings and Motor Drives as well as EMI/RFI Shielding, Thermal Interface Materials and Heat Sinks. OSCO offers Specialist Electronic Materials that address the needs of Design, Mechanical and Electronic Engineers within the Automotive, Formula One and Motorsport markets, to accomplish outstanding technological advances.


  • Litz Wire

    Litz Wire consists of a number of individually insulated magnet wires twisted or braided into a uniform pattern with the primary benefit of reducing A.C. Losses in high frequency windings.

    OSCO offer unlimited Litz Wire constructions with multiple layers of insulation to meet UL voltage withstand requirements.

  • Custom Cables

    OSCO design, develop and manufacture cables in unlimited configurations to meet any electrical performance and physical characteristics.

  • EMI RFI Shielding

    OSCO's EMI RFI materials range from Board Level Shielding to Enclosure Shielding. Our Dual Elastomer Shielding Gaskets offer a conductive outer layer with a resilient inner core for sealing, fluid transfer, shock absorption and EMI RFI applications. With quick turnaround times and reliable cost-effective products we deliver one of a kind EMI/RFI Solutions.

  • Thermal Interface Materials

    Thermal Interface Materials are used in automotive applications to dissipate heat away from components. OSCO have materials available from 0.11 thickness with Thermal Conductivity Ratings up to 17W/m-K to suit any application.

  • Heat Sinks

    Heat Sinks offer component cooling. OSCO offer both Standard and Custom Heat Sinks as well as Powerblocs that provide a bi-directional transfer of heat. Our anodised finishes offer improved heat dissipation, increased surface protection and better electrical insulation.

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