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Binder Fastener Systems UK Limited

Binder Fastener Systems UK Limited

Stand M42

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CW12 1LB Congleton
United Kingdom

Binder Fasteners are the UK subsidiary of Gottlieb Binder. Our products are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.
Binder UK’s team has more than 30 years of successful problem-solving behind them and offers users extensive product knowledge coupled with wide application experience.

All Binder products are made in Germany. Gottlieb Binder hold ISO 9001, 14001 accreditation, as well as Oeko-Tex 100 which ensures the safety of its products in your applications.


  • Klettostar PPS

    Kletten® Klettostar® HT hook and loop fastener is made of polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), a particularly high heat and chemically-resistant material.

    Product features
    -Temperature resistance: for short periods up to 260°C
    -Fire-retardant pursuant to FAR 25853 (a) App. F, Part I, (a) (1) (ii)
    -Resistant to aggressive chemicals

  • Klettolastic

    Klettolastic is Binders stretchable hook and loop system. This fastener can be stretched many times without opening and losing its elasticity. It is perfect for Orthopaedic applications as well as soft furnishings and costume making

  • Gecko Nanoplast

    Gecko® is a silicone film with a thickness of ca. 0, 34 millimetre and with ca. 29,000 engaging elements per cm ².
    It exploits the principle of van der Waals' forces: an electrostatic interaction that creates an intermolecular attraction, like a series of small magnets.
    It works on all clean, perfectly flat and smooth surfaces like: glass, metals (also painted), marble, ceramics, and plastics; also in the presence of water, oils and soaps.
    Tested in industry for more than a million cycle’s pickup/drop replacing a vacuum pump.
    It is supplied with or without adhesive and now it has been tested for burn scar treatment.

  • Cable Binder

    Microplast and velour cable wrap. This thin, lightweight, and fire retardant system is perfect for cable installations in automotive and AV applications. It is reusable and wont damage the cable in any way.

  • Duotec

    Single component interlocking mushroom fastener. Many times stronger than hook and loop and perfect for Automotive interiors and panel applications. We also have a fully fire retardant version making it ideal for aircraft interior applications.

Product news

  • Webshop

    Binder Direct UK is the new online shop established by Cheshire-based Binder Fasteners to provide customers with the full range of the company’s renowned push-to-close fastening systems.
    The web shop offers direct access to a wide range of Binder reclosable and reusable fastener products together with competitive prices and minimum order quantities down to as little as 1 metre.

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