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ITC is a specialist tooling supplier with the objective of supplying industry with the best possible products. To achieve this, we continually invest in our engineers and technical sales people that are backed up by an in-house team that is second to none. From solid carbide and PCD tooling through to indexable milling, turning & boring, top quality tool holders, ITC has an unbeatable product range.

We manufacture and source the best available products from around the world, and hold well over 100,000 Solid Carbide tools, tool bodies, inserts and tool holders on the shelf ready for same day dispatch. ITC also offers modification and regrind services, meaning we can adapt existing tools to your requirements, and return used tools to an ‘as new’ condition. Our continued investment in cutting edge CNC grinding equipment gives us the capacity to rapidly manufacture custom made tools to your precise specifications.


  • ITC extends boring line with twin-cutter for small diameters

    Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now extended its already impressive line of holemaking products with the recent introduction of the new MW Boring Head from BIG KAISER. This new innovation has is a straight shank indexable rough boring tool for machining small diameters from 16mm to 21mm.

    Based on BIG KAISER’s existing 319 SW series, the MW Boring Head is a twin-cutter boring tool, which means it can quickly remove large quantities of material, compared to single-cutter tools. The MW’s two cutting edges can be pre-set independently to the required diameter with a tolerance of 0.2mm. The MW Boring Head is ideally suited to semi-finish or finish boring operations of workpieces with die cast holes. It uses a 20mm shank. This means it is easy to clamp in commonly-used milling chucks and tool holders to simplify the set-up process.

    The MW Boring Head has a precision serrated connecting system that ensures secure and rigid connection. For the end user, this means that torque can be maximised to increase material removal rates. In aluminium, cutting speeds of up to 280m/min can be achieved, with a feed rate of 0.3mm per revolution and a cutting depth of 4mm. A spiral groove improves chip evacuation whilst coolant is provided directly to the cutting edges. For producing blind holes the coolant is routed through the centre of the tool to further enhance chip evacuation. The coolant hole can be closed when required using a stop screw.

    “BIG KAISER is the only company that can offer adjustable twin-cutter boring tools for diameters as low as 16mm. The new MW Boring Head builds on the success of our 319 SW series, and means that reliable, fast and effective boring is now possible at even smaller dimensions,” says Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER. The MW Boring Head is now available from ITC with die steel insert holders provided with the tool.

  • ITC Offers Universal Turning Grade

    Manufacturers turning a wide range of materials face extreme challenges daily. Machinists understand that the most efficient machining parameters for their cutting tools often means a compromise between speed, feed and cutting depths. To take the guess work out of this, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is now offering the new WIDIA Victory™ family of turning inserts.

    The new line from ITC provides a range of new geometries and grades that extend your parameters by delivering excellent chip flow that results in smooth machining, improved efficiency and extended tool life. For difficult-to-machine materials like Inconel and Rene in complex aerospace applications or cobalt-chromes and high-alloy stainless steels in precise medical applications, the new WIDIA Victory FS geometry is a ground, high positive design best used in finishing tasks where surface finish and minimizing part deflection are critical. Precision grinding, proprietary nose geometry and optimised edge treatment result in an insert that retains its high-quality cutting edge with minimal heat generation and good chip breaking at finishing parameters. The high rake angle reduces cutting forces and also reduces built-up edges.

    The new FS line is available with a WS10PT grade, which is a high-performance PVD series. This grade utilises a two-layer coating that increases coating integrity and reduces depth-of-cut notching to increase productivity and consistency. All inserts in the WS10PT grade undergo a post-coat treatment to increase compressive stress and improve edge toughness. This delays built-up edge and results in longer tool life. The WS10PT is available in other geometries including the UR geometry.

    Stainless Steel Performance
    The WIDIA Universal Roughing (UR) geometry from ITC is specifically designed to increase roughing and medium turning performance in stainless steels and steel workpieces. Its unique chip breaker and rake profile design breaks chips without excessive cutting forces that result in edge breakages. Its positive rake angle further reduces cutting forces while improving depth of cut notching resistance. Together with a multi-layer coating that includes a ZrCN top coat for both extended performance and improved wear identification, the result is the ability to increase speed or feed rates efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times.

    Also available in the Universal Roughing geometry are the WP15CT, WP25CT and WP35CT grades that particularly improve performance on steel workpieces. Emphasising an excellent combination of toughness and cutting performance, the WP15CT is universally applicable on all finishing, medium machining and light roughing steel operations, wet or dry, interrupted and non-interrupted.

    The new WP25CT is best applicable on all medium to light roughing operations, wet or dry on interrupted and non-interrupted cuts whereas the WP35CT is the best choice on all roughing and heavy roughing jobs that are interrupted or non-interrupted. These new grades also feature the ZrCN top coating and proprietary post-coat treatment that reduces friction and improves edge toughness as well as functioning as an excellent wear indicator.

  • ITC Introduces World’s Smallest Digital Boring Tools From BIG KAISER

    Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now extended its line-up of precision hole making technology with the launch of new digital boring tools from BIG KAISER. Compared to analog heads they can replace, the new digital boring tools can improve efficiency and are also typically 20% quicker to set than analog equivalents.

    BIG KAISER’s digital boring tools dramatically increase accuracy and process reliability because setting errors by handling are virtually eliminated due to the large, easy to read digital display that delivers ultra-precise diameter accuracy of 0.001mm. Specially built to run on small machines, the EWD 2-32 features a concentric insert holder and a wide range of accessories for an optimized tool set up within a diameter range of 2 to 32mm.

    The EWD 2-32 has a tool body diameter of 50mm whereas the EWD41 has a tool body diameter of 38mm, making it the world’s smallest digital precision boring head with an integrated digital display. The EWD 41 provides laterally-loaded cutting for a range of diameters from 41 to 53mm. BIG KAISER developed the electronics, having set up an in-house electronics lab. This means it retains control of this key part element of the boring tools, and it is able to ensure the highest quality product for customers.
    To ensure compatibility with customers’ existing equipment, all insert holders and boring bars from the BIG KAISER analogue tools can easily be used with the new digital versions. The complete BIG KAISER range of digital boring tools covers diameters from 2 to 3000mm. All digital boring heads belong to the modular BIG KAISER system, which means they can be plugged in any shank with a standard CK connection, and thus used in a huge range of machine tools.

    Emphasising the importance of this new line, Mr Peter Elmer, CEO of KAISER Precision Tooling says: “Digital is the future – digital boring delivers precision and consistency, saving time and money by dramatically reducing operator errors. With the compatibility offered by BIG KAISER, it’s simple for customers to get these benefits by replacing their existing analogue heads with new digital models – and our electronics lab ensures that the digital heads are high quality products, which maintain KAISER’s excellent reputation.”
    The tools are individually tested by BIG KAISER at its factory to ensure reliability, and have a long lasting battery life of more than 5000 diameter adjustment cycles. Standard batteries are used, so replacements can easily be purchased at any electronics store. With the highest possible IP69K-rated protection, the new line ensures the tools are resistant to the ingress of dust and water, even under high pressure and in extreme environments.

  • New Line of Indexable Universal Tools from ITC

    The new WIDIA M200 series of indexable milling cutters is now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) for linear ramping, helical interpolation, pocketing and profile milling operations. The new milling line features double-sided round carbide inserts with up to 12 effective cutting edges to improve economy and reduce tooling costs whilst significantly improving productivity.

    For high feed machining with confidence, the new Widia M200 has a unique anti-rotation feature for excellent stability when milling at high feed rates. Furthermore, the innovative pocket design is extremely easy to index the inserts with unsurpassed repeatability. Added to this, the cutter body is supplied with allocated markings for each insert seat, which guarantees correct alignment of the insert in the pocket.

    The cutter bodies have been developed with a high clearance design that has impressive rigidity characteristics whilst giving the M200 the flexibility to conduct a raft of pocketing, profiling, 3-axis and 5-axis machining operations that include linear ramping and helical interpolation. This makes the new Widia milling line suitable for everything from rough to semi-finish cutting in face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, and profiling applications. The flexibility of this new line makes it particularly well suited to complex applications such as turbine blade machining and difficult applications in the mould & die industry.

    The cutter body of the M200 is available as a screw-on type, cylindrical end mill type, shell mill or a Weldon type. The screw-on tool body is offered with a maximum diameter from 25 to 42mm with 25 to 32mm being available for the cylindrical and Weldon tools. For end users with larger surface areas that demand high material removal rates, the shell mill is offered in diameters from 30 to 125mm
    The inserts for the M200 are available in 10, 12 or 16mm IC sizes with eight cutting edges on the 10mm insert and 12 edges on the 12 and 16mm designations. To provide effective machining of a broad spectrum of materials, the inserts are available with an ML geometry for machining stainless steel and high temperature alloys, an MM geometry for general purpose applications and an MH geometry for heavy applications on cast iron and high strength steel.

  • ITC Extends Composite Tooling Range

    Always listening to the demands of its customers, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now extended its 2071 Cyber Series range of two flute end mills to incorporate a range of corner radius options.

    The 2071 Cyber Series has long been a firm favorite among ITC customers in the aerospace, motorsport and automotive sectors with its ability to reliably machine abrasive materials such as graphite, glass & fibre composites and additional abrasive material types. However, ITC has now taken the reliability, consistency and tool life of the popular solid carbide range to a new level with the addition of corner radii to eliminate edge chipping and reduce wear characteristics under difficult machining conditions.

    The centre cutting, diamond coated series has a particularly long length for machining cavities and complex geometries and with the additional corner radii, the 2071 Series enhances machining performance for the end user. Available in diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12mm, the 2071 has an overall length of 100mm with a length of cut from 13 to 25mm and a reach from 20 to 40mm. By extending the line-up, ITC is giving customers the option of a 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1 and 2mm radius on each of the desired tool diameters. In addition, the 10 and 12mm diameter tools are also offered with a 3mm radius.

    Commenting upon the added radius options to the 2071 Cyber Series, ITC's Managing Director Mr Peter Graves says: "We are always conscious of the needs of our customers and the evolution of new material technologies. To ensure we not only meet, but exceed our customers' expectations, our R&D team are always looking to develop the next generation of UK manufactured cutting tools whilst also enhancing existing product lines. We have extensively trialed the latest addition to the 2071 Series and the marketplace has been very receptive to the benefits it is delivering."

  • ITC's New Spin On Micro-Machining With High Speed Spindles

    When considering the purchase of a CNC machine tool, it becomes apparent that selected options are focused on specific applications. The machine tool is designed to run a pre-selected range of tool types and sizes that are based on factors such as horsepower, accuracy, flexibility and speed. Now, with the arrival of the BIG KAISER Air Turbine Spindles, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be changing the rules on high speed machining.

    The largest turbine assembly in the new BIG KAISER RBX line has an effective diameter of just 75mm. The entire speeder weighs just 5kg. The light weight RBX allows operators to focus on the dynamic run-out and balance issue that makes high-speed micro machining difficult.

    The BIG KAISER air-powered spindles use compressed air to drive a turbine and develop much higher spindle speeds than a conventional machine spindle. An instant benefit is that the machine spindle doesn’t rotate when running a speeder, so it incurs no wear and tear. Furthermore, the use of air pressure as an energy source eliminates problems associated with the heat generated when a machine tool spindle runs near its maximum speed for prolonged periods. Without any heat build-up, the BIG KAISER air-turbine spindles can operate continuously during the long cutting cycles that go hand in hand with the light chip loads micro-tools require. An added benefit of an air-turbine unit is that it generates a noise level below 65dB.

    Higher speed, lower torque
    One essential factor users should keep in mind when considering an RBX spindle is that when output speed increases, available torque decreases. The RBX5 covers spindle speeds from 40,000 to 50,000 rpm. The RBX7 handles the 60,000 to 80,000rpm range and the RBX12 delivers spindle speeds from 100,000 to 120,000rpm. The torque ranges of these three units establish guidelines for tool
    diameters and the machining processes they can perform. The lowest-speed unit addresses drill and end mill diameters up to 1.5mm, depending on the stability of the setup. At speeds greater than 100,000rpm, drill diameters max out at 0.4mm and end mills at about 0.6mm.

    Thermal displacement of less than 1.2μm on the RBX, combined with a high accuracy tool holding system, addresses many of the requirements for running micro cutting tools. As cutting tools get smaller, the necessary spindle speed for proper tool use increases.

    As the air pressure powering a speeder rises above 45psi, spindle speeds will increase. The maximum required air pressure to achieve the top speed in any range is 90psi. Regardless of the drive mechanism used, most problems associated with high-rpm micro-machining are caused by poor dynamic run-out of the machine spindle and its attached cutting tool assembly. BIG KAISER has integrated its air-turbine drive mechanisms directly into a proven high-speed tool-holding solution, a micro-collet that clamps tool shanks with diameters as small as 0.5mm. This extremely high clamping force and low run-out of 3μm at 4 times tool diameter increases tool life and improves finish, compared to a conventional collet system. For further details on how you can improve productivity, prolong spindle longevity, improve precision and tool life whilst improving the capabilities of your existing machine tool, call ITC for more details on the BIG KAISER range of RBX high speed spindle units.

  • 'Ready To Go' Holemaking Kits On Offer from ITC

    To introduce the marketplace to the extensive line of BIG KAISER hole-making products, the company's UK distribution agent Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd (ITC) is now offering a 'ready-to-go' boring kit. The promotional offering from ITC is giving customers a complete box-set for producing precision holes from 17.8mm to 152mm diameter with a massive 50% discount.
    BIG KAISER is regarded as the yardstick that all precision holemaking products are measured against, so this promotional offer is too good to pass up if you are a manufacturer demanding precision holes with impeccable surface finishes. The boring kit includes carefully selected accessories that permit the machining of a massive diameter range with a single boring head.
    The neatly boxed kit includes an EWN boring head, two 16mm toolholders (one solid carbide and one steel), three peripherally clamped insert holders and six centrally clamped insert holders. These heads and holders are supported with a box of 10 inserts for the toolholders, two wrenches and a coolant nozzle. The BIG KAISER boring range is renowned for being the most robust, rigid and precise system on the market. However, like all cutting tools, boring tools can only perform to the parameters of the machine tool and toolholding configuration. This is why ITC will also be giving away a FREE toolholder shank from BIG KAISER with every boring kit purchase.
    Commenting upon this amazing offer, ITC's Managing Director Mr Peter Grave says: "As a leading cutting tool manufacturer, we are fully aware of the negative impact that poor toolholding and working practices can have on the performance of our cutting tools. Similarly, we are conscious that a toolholding set-up that lacks the necessary precision, concentricity, run-out, rigidity and clamping forces can impinge upon the performance of such high precision boring products. The BIG KAISER boring tools guarantee exceptional performance and this is why we are also giving away a precision toolholder as part of the offer. The combination of a BIG KAISER toolholder and the precision 'boring-kit' will give end users precision, surface finishes and productivity levels that will genuinely affirm the importance of combining high quality toolholding with industry leading tooling or boring tools."

    This un-missable offer of 50% off BIG KAISER boring tools from ITC is only available for a limited period, so make the most of the offer while it lasts.

  • New Widia VSM17 Milling Line from ITC

    With cutters that can be used for shoulder milling, profiling, face milling, slotting, ramping, helical and circular interpolation whilst achieving true 90-degree shoulder milling, the Victory Shoulder Mill (VSM) 17 platform from Widia is a robust and versatile job-shop winner.

    Now available from Tamworth cutting tool experts Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), the VSM17 has been designed for low horsepower machine tools. The new Widia VSM17 from ITC delivers the benefit of reduced horsepower requirement and higher spindle speed and feed rates, which essentially means more parts per shift.

    The VSM17 cutter bodies have an integral chip gullet design that demonstrates excellent chip evacuation and with its hardened-steel construction and hardened pocket seats, the new milling line exhibits high resistance to deformation. The VSM17 offers aggressive ramping capability up to 8.8° with a maximum 16.45mm depth of cut. This enables users of the new VSM17 to benefit from significantly improved productivity rates when rough machining with low powered machine tools. The impressive VSM17 line is available in a variety of designations that include shell mills, screw-on type cutters, cylindrical shank and Weldon shank end mills with a through coolant facility.

    The VSM17 inserts have strong cutting edges, a corner radii and positive rake faces that provide a true 90-degree wall while providing excellent wall and floor surface finishes. This geometry also enhances tool life, consistency and overall performance when measured against competitor products. The innovative geometry is complemented by a number of insert grade designations that make the VSM17 suitable for high performance machining of a multitude of material types. The VSM17 is available from ITC with starter kits also available upon request. The starter kit includes a cutter body and ten inserts that are now available for end users that are keen to improve the productivity and performance levels of their milling operations.

Product news

  • ITC Enhances Visibility With New Website

    In line with its expansion strategy, Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd (ITC) has now launched a new company website ( The aim of the new website is to enhance accessibility to the exponentially growing product lines and make the Tamworth business more visible to customers using mobile-platforms.

    Over the last six months, ITC has expanded its production facility, become the UK distributor for new brands such as BIG KAISER and Widia indexable tooling and it has increased its staff levels considerably. Commenting upon the new on-line platform, ITC's IT Manager, Mr Simon Horseman says: "The business has grown significantly over the last 12 months and the new website reflects how we will be delivering our message to the market. By adding hundreds of new product lines from BIG KAISER and Widia to our portfolio, we needed to increase on-line visibility of these brands. However, its not just about adding these products to our platform, but more about giving the web visitor a user friendly, informative platform that makes all products and brands easy to access."
    "Not only does the new website achieve this, but it conforms to all on-line regulations with regards to access and visibility for mobile and disability users. This means that 'all' customers can now view and select their favourite products from anywhere. Additionally, we have taken this facility a step further by providing customers with a 'stock checking' link. This allows customers to check stock and availability of tools on-line."

    The new-look web platform will also incorporate a new content management system that will enable the ITC team to upload any product or company news with remarkable speed and deliver it direct to your mobile or desktop device via ITC's social media links. To find out more about our products and services, take a look around the new website.

  • ITC Introduces New Look Folio Catalogue

    At the recent Sign UK exhibition, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) gave show visitors a first opportunity to look through the latest edition of the company's cutting tool catalogue for the Signmaking and digital print sector. With a new colour scheme, attractive new design and tons of new product lines, the latest Folio Catalogue, Issue 4, has everything the modern sign maker needs.
    A paradigm shift from the previous Issue 3 catalogue, ITC has packed the new catalogue with the very latest product innovations and increased the diversity of the product offering whilst removing many of the less relevant imperial tools from the latest edition. The result is a 60 page catalogue that has 20% more pages and much more content than previous issues.
    For the serious sign-makers, ITC has evolved its range of balanced routing tools and the new catalogue caters for all the very latest technology advancements with balanced tools for a diverse range of material types and applications. The industry's most comprehensive series of balanced tools has just got bigger and it's all in the latest catalogue.
    Another key addition to Issue 4 is the inclusion of ITC's comprehensive new line of knife tools. The Tamworth manufacturer has included an extensive selection of flat drag knife blades, round shank drag knife blades, oscillating blades and rotation blades that are listed with a huge variety of sizes, geometries and cutting angles for processing an extremely diverse range of material types and thicknesses.
    Commenting on the latest edition of the much anticipated Folio catalogue, ITC's Sally Hunt says: "Our R&D team has developed a plethora of new products that will undoubtedly deliver results for customers. Added to this, we wanted to incorporate a more diverse product mix to make our catalogue the 'must-have' reference for sign-makers. By including a range of high quality drills, hand-taps, toolholders and collets, MQL coolant and even sacrificial sheets for protecting machine beds; we have issued a catalogue that will accommodate the increasingly diverse needs of the industry."

  • ITC Jets Its New Innovations to Farnborough 2016

    After an extremely successful start to 2016, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be taking its latest range of cutting tool innovations to the Farnborough Airshow, as part of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) stand. As a prominent supplier to the aerospace industry, ITC will be promoting a plethora of products that have enjoyed significant success among aerospace OEMs and subcontract manufacturers alike. Many of these new products will be introduced to the aero sector at promotional prices on the MAA's 288sq/m communal Stand in Hall 1.

    Aside from the extremely attractive promotional offers that will be unveiled at Farnborough, ITC will be drawing stand visitors attention to the new line of BIG KAISER milling and boring tools, precision toolholders and collets and the new line of Air Turbine Spindles. The BIG KAISER air-powered spindles that will be at Farnborough 2016 use compressed air to drive a turbine and develop much higher spindle speeds than a conventional machine spindle. An instant benefit is that the machine spindle doesn’t rotate when running a speeder, so it incurs no wear and tear. The largest turbine assembly in the new BIG KAISER RBX line has an effective diameter of just 75mm.
    In addition to the BIG KAISER line-up, ITC will be drawing show visitors attention to the publication of the new Widia Master catalogue. Farnborough will be the first opportunity for ITC's dedicated aerospace customers to peruse through the 2000 page catalogue. The 2017 edition of the Widia Master catalogue will include information on all the latest products such as the VSM490 high performance indexable insert milling line and the new VariMill GP series of multi-purpose end mills to name a few.

    These market leading brands are sold and supported in the UK by ITC's highly skilled technical engineering team that will be available at Farnborough to discuss all your tooling needs. As one of the UK's leading cutting tool manufacturers, the ITC team will be drawing customers' attention to the product lines manufactured in the UK by ITC. The Tamworth manufacturer has developed a raft of new products that will be lined up alongside enhancements to existing product lines.
    Product extensions on show will include the addition of corner radius options to the 2071 Cyber Series range of two flute end mills, the addition of 1 and 2mm diameter cutters to the 4121 Cyber Series of end mills, the arrival of radii on the renowned three fluted 3091 Series of 3 flute aluminium tools and also the 2111 Cyber Series of PCD end mills that has literally 'taken-off' with aerospace customers. For further information on how to benefit from the extensive product portfolio and promotional offers, please pop by the MAA Stand in Hall one at Farnborough 2016.

  • ITC Buys New Machinery at MACH 2016

    Over the last twelve months Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) Ltd has been following an aggressive growth strategy. This strategy has seen the Tamworth company increase its factory size by 50%, add both Rollomatic and GSE grinding centres, launch a new website, introduce new product lines through a new re-seller agreement with BIG KAISER and also expand the Widia offering. Even when the ITC team were busy working the MACH show, the MD was scouring the halls for new technology.
    The result of ITC Managing Director, Mr Peter Graves treading the boards at MACH was the purchase of the company's latest machine, a GSE HMT S-15 automated rod cutting machine. The latest machine was purchased to respond to ever increasing batch sizes of special, standard and stocked ranges of ITC products. Whilst achieving this, the new GSE machine also provides improved efficiencies with its 'full automation' mode that will permit lights-out processing of carbide rods.
    Commenting upon the latest addition to the ever growing plant list, ITC's Production Manager, Mr Kevin Ford says: "Whilst we buy a lot of our carbide rod already cut to length for standard product ranges; a lot of special and bespoke tools are required in non-standard lengths. Cutting each carbide blank takes anything up to 5-6 minutes and we presently have an operator continuously cutting carbide rod on our existing semi-automatic machine. The new GSE HMT S-15 will automate the process and free-up time for our operator to take on new, less repetitive tasks."
    "Depending upon rod diameter, the new machine is capable of cutting anything from 3 to 40mm diameter, 500mm long rods completely unmanned. This will allow us to process special tool lengths in batches of UP to 1000+ tools lights-out. This can have a huge impact by reducing the time it takes the tools to get to the first production operation, and by eliminating a bottleneck it enables us to manufacture special tools in an even quicker lead time than we do at present. In addition, the machine can be used in manual and automatic mode. This provides the facility to rapidly cut small tool quantities with no time consuming set-up processes," continues Mr Ford.
    Commenting on the investment, ITC's Managing Director, Mr Graves says: "Our investment in the very latest technology has long been a continuous process. However, with our rapid growth strategy we have to look at removing any and all bottlenecks that may arise in our business. At present, the increasing demand for special products has created a bottleneck with blank cutting and the GSE machine will eliminate this issue when it is installed."

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