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Electroimpact is a highly experienced aerospace automation company with a high concentration of engineers. Our wide range of projects include complete automation assembly systems for commercial aircraft wings, riveting machines and tools for wing panel and fuselage assembly, advanced fiber placement machines, robotic assembly systems, and spacecraft transportation equipment. Our company was designed by the founder as a haven for engineers, with vertical responsibility for all work from concept to customer acceptance with minimal bureaucracy and barriers to success


  • Automatic Fibre Placement

    Electroimpact has developed Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology that allows cutting and adding within customer end placement tolerances at rates up to 2000 IPM over ramped, complex surfaces. All layups can be performed in a fully bidirectional manner with operator control over the feed rate with no effect on end cut accuracy.

  • Robots

    Serial link articulated robots applied in aerospace assembly have largely been limited in scope by deficiencies in positional accuracy. The majority of aerospace applications require tolerances of +/-0.25mm or less which have historically been beyond reach of the conventional off-the-shelf robot. The recent development of Electroimpact's Accurate Robot technology represents a paradigm shift for the use of articulated robotics in airframe assembly.
    With the addition of secondary feedback, high-order kinematic model, and a fully integrated conventional CNC control, robotic technology can now compete on a performance level with customized high precision motion platforms. As a result, the articulated arm can be applied to a much broader range of assembly applications that were once limited to custom machines, including one-up assembly, two-sided drilling and fastening, material removal, and automated fiber placement.

  • Flextrack

    Drilling accurate holes is important in all arenas of manufacturing and assembly. Current lean operations demand a new approach to cutting costs and staying flexible, while staying proficient at demanding jobs. Lightweight portable automated drilling machines are now finding themselves competing with large machine tools drilling complex structures.

  • Assembly Line Solutions

    Electroimpact have supplied a complete turnkey factory solution for the manufacture of Airbus’s A350 aircraft wing. The facility, located in Broughton, North Wales UK, is purpose built for the assembly of Airbus’s first commercial carbon fibre composite wing.
    Electroimpact proposed the overall factory layout and multiple assembly station designs involving flexible automation solutions.

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