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Dustcontrol UK Ltd

Dustcontrol UK Ltd

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MK58HL Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Dustcontrol UK supplies mobile dust extractors and stationary high vacuum extraction systems to help companies from all over the world achieve cleaner and more efficient production, as well as improved product quality.

Our product range consists of mobile dust extractors for industrial and construction use, liquid extractors, pre-separators, air cleaners, central vacuum systems, accessories and discharge arrangements. Dustcontrol supplies a complete range of dust collector products and accessories for large and small companies across many industries - from aviation and automotive, to metal work, to printing, to food, to pharmaceuticals. Our offering is extensive and far reaching.

We have over 40 years experience of developing products to fit client requirements. Special orders are often a necessity for stationary casings in printing machines, food processing machines, and other automated production lines. We're experts in capturing dust at source - both where it is created and when it is created.


  • DC Tromb

    Launched in October 2015, the DC Tromb is Dustcontrol UK’s most powerful single phase mobile dust extractor to date. It is designed to provide a clean and healthy working environment for those working with floor grinders and handheld power tools.
    Silica dust is present in many commonly used building materials such as sand, cement and stone. During construction techniques such as cutting concrete, sanding, grinding and drilling floors and walls, silica dust is broken down to form respirable crystalline silica (RCS), which, if inhaled, can cause serious incurable diseases.
    Through a combination of power, robustness, efficiency and versatility the Tromb is able to handle high volumes of fine dusts and materials created during the course of construction work, protecting users from potentially serious harm.
    Its versatility allows it to be fitted to handheld tools such as cutting machines, chisel hammers and saws, as well as vacuum cleaning, trapping dust at source.
    As standard the machine is equipped with a patented semi-automatic reverse pulse filter cleaning system and an HEPA 13 filter. It is built to Application Class H for a no compromise approach to exceed the M class standard.

  • Dustcontrol DC 11-Module

    Easy install centralised vac system for individual production lines.

  • DC AirCube 500 - More Airflow and Pressure

    The DC AirCube 500 has been developed for ease of use and high durability. It is built from stainless steel sheet metal to be extra damage resistant. The fan unit is a radial blower with a specially designed scroll to build up high pressure across its complete flow range. This means that the unit generates large amounts of airflow during the entire lifetime of the filter. Equipped with an el outlet for lamp and other. An exhaust hose can be used to create negative pressure in a sealed room. The fan has two speed settings that allows for economical operation, for example during the night.

  • DC AirCube 2000

    The DC AirCube 2000 is a robust air cleaner with ECO-fan and a capacity of 1800m3/h, which makes it our most powerful single phase air cleaner. It is also equipped with variable speed transmission to save energy.

    It has a 0,7m2 pre-filter and a HEPA H13 microfilter of 10m2, cleaning the air from hazardous particles very effectively (down to 0,3 micrometer). A filter indication lamp lights when it´s time to change the filter.

    The air exhaust is directed upwards in order to prevent dust whirling up from the floor. The DC AirCube 2000 can be positioned horizontally flat on the floor, with the exhaust then pointing to the side. With its ergonomic design it is easy to carry and transport. It is also able to connect to an exhaust hose without a reduction in performance.

  • DC 2900c - The professionals favourite

    The DC 2900 is our most popular dust extractor. It is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws. The DC 2900 has a sturdy steel chassis with big wheels, but is still lightweight and portable.

    It can be ordered with a plastic bag (DC 2900c) or with a steel container (DC 2900a). Collection in a steel container makes the DC 2900a ideal for use with sharp items such as metal chips.

  • DC 3900L

    The DC 3900L eco has been developed with the environment in mind, but without compromising on extraction power and quality. Despite less energy consumption, the motor package is more powerful than before. Enhancements in the production process have resulted in an eco-friendly painting process and material choice.

    The DC 3900L eco has a robust and adjustable chassis to facilitate transportation. The optimised construction simplifies service work, resulting in decreased costs.

    The DC 3900L eco is suitable for all kinds of tasks demanding effective dust extraction, no matter if it's heavy cleaning or source extraction with larger handheld power tools and floor grinding machines. The DC 3900L eco can easily be adapted to the needs of the customer for tailor-made solutions, thanks to a wide choice of suction casings and other accessories.

    Suitable suction casings are: sanders, grinders and diamond disc casings up to 9”/225 mm, as well as rubber boot and bellows for chisel hammers, drills and descaling hammers (part no. 6078 & 6130).

  • DC 5900c - Powerful dust extractor

    The DC 5900c 7,5kW is a powerful dust extractor with a large amount of air flow, and is ideal for floor grinding and other intensive dust extraction needs.

  • DC 1800 - Ten kilos of pure working joy

    The DC 1800 eco is suitable for general cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools (with up to 5” suction casings) and small table saws. The DC 1800 eco is small, lightweight and ideal for those that need a highly portable machine that is powerful enough for source extraction. With its low weight, it is easy to carry onto the job site and can be easily stored or rolled under a workbench. The sturdy construction is perfect for the demands of the construction and machine rental industry, but also for anyone that needs a light yet powerful dust extractor. The DC 1800 eco is equipped with a steel container and a plastic bag is used inside the container.

  • DC Liquid Extractors

    When working with concrete coring, large quantities of water have to be used and this water gets very dirty. Using liquids extractors to effectively extract the water avoids the working area becoming wet and dirty.

    In liquid extractors/wet-vacs which are equipped with a pump, de-watering of slurry is integrated into the unit and clean water is pumped out of the drain hose. The slurry solids are collected in a filter bag for ease of handling and disposal.

    The Dustcontrol w-line wet-vacs are easily dissembled for cleaning and de-contamination. This is an important detail on units requiring frequent cleaning. Robust construction helps these units resist the knocks of everyday use.

Product news

  • Dust extraction specialist launches new Dust Doctor campaign to improve working environments

    A specialist dust extraction firm in the UK has launched a ‘Dust Doctors’ campaign, which sees it offer free dust assessments to businesses – helping them to determine the best ways to improve processes in order to remove threats to workers’ health and production processes, as well as improving overall output efficiency.

    With over 40 years of experience, Dustcontrol UK is offering its expertise as ‘Dust Doctors’ to provide workplace assessments in a bid to encourage what it refers to as ‘Healthy Business’.

    James Miller, Dustcontrol UK’s General Manager, commented: “The central element of the Dust Doctor campaign is education. Whilst awareness of the dangers of dust is improving, there is still a huge amount of work to be done. Many people simply don’t realise that benefits can be made in both health and safety as well as efficiency.”

    He continued: “For example various industrial dusts can be extremely hazardous to health. Silica dust, present in a wide range of building materials, if inhaled over time can cause incurable lung disease. Allergens in flour and grain can result in occupational asthma for bakers. Woodwork facilities run the risk of dust explosions. The risks associated with dust are many and varied. Some businesses may be unsure if they have an issue or what to do about it. We’re aiming to assist with that with our combined knowledge and range of high quality products and accessories.”

    Dustcontrol UK operates across a wide variety of industries and has specialist knowledge in the construction, pharmaceutical, aviation, manufacturing, food, transit, wood, metal and ceramics industries amongst others. Each industry has its own needs, whether that be Atex rated equipment, Hepa filtration, coloured antistatic brushes and bristles for the food industry, spring retractable hose reels or bespoke extraction hoods for on-tool extraction - Dustcontrol has a range of solutions.

    James Miller commented: “Our equipment is applicable in a really diverse range of industries but is specific to removing dust at source. Dust is often regarded as a nuisance rather than a hazard, but it’s much more than that. Our team can help to highlight the areas where the right dust management processes can really aid a business – be that to do with health or addressing productivity and product quality issues.”

    The assessments are free for those businesses that sign up, with a member of the Dustcontrol UK team arranging a suitable time to visit premises and assess where suitable dust extraction can help.

    Offering solutions that can incorporate either cyclone based mobile extraction equipment or permanent central vacuum systems, Dustcontrol UK ensures that a tailored approach sees specific requirements accommodated.

    James Miller concluded: “At Dustcontrol we’ve been manufacturing and supplying all of our own products for over 40 years and our solutions are extremely flexible. If a permanent system is necessary, we can provide it. If it’s highly portable, powerful dust extraction that’s needed, we can provide it. We’re happy to adapt our offering to suit specific needs. Our ethos is simply to provide technology for a healthy business.

    Those interested in signing up for a free assessment should visit or visit for more information.

    Alternatively please phone Dustcontrol UK on 01327 858001 or email

  • Dust extraction specialist launches most powerful mobile dust extractor to date

    A specialist dust extraction firm in the UK has launched its most powerful single phase mobile dust extractor to date. The DC Tromb is designed to provide a clean and healthy working environment for those working with handheld power tools, and is of particular use for flooring contractors.

    Able to handle all types of fine dusts and materials created during the course of construction techniques such as cutting concrete, sanding, grinding and drilling floors and walls, the DC Tromb combines power, robustness and efficiency with versatility. It’s ability to handle high volumes of dust alongside its mobility makes it particularly useful for floor grinding.

    James Miller, Dustcontrol UK’s General Manager, commented: “The Tromb is a fantastic new addition to our range. It’s the most powerful single phase extractor that we’ve ever produced, which means it’s able to handle large quantities of dust with ease whilst also being highly mobile, making it perfect for use in areas and for tasks where both mobility and power is essential.”

    Due to its compact design, the DC Tromb is both easy to move on the job and easy to transport. As well as floor grinders, the machine can be connected to handheld tools such as cutting machines, chisel hammers and saws, enabling it to be used for a variety of on-site extraction needs.

    As standard the machine is equipped with a patented semi automatic reverse pulse filter cleaning system and an HEPA 13 filter. It is built to Application Class H, unlike many other products, which are only M class standard. The use of H13 filters guarantees 99.97% capture of all particles greater than 0.3 microns meaning air exhausted from the Tromb is the cleanest it can be. A signal lamp shows when it's time to clean the filter.

    James Miller concluded: “We’re constantly striving to improve our extraction capabilities and the DC Tromb is another advancement in this field. The new design means it can develop up to 400 m3/h, meaning users are able to work efficiently and without unnecessary interruption and with all of the other typical ergonomic and high containment benefits of a machine from Dustcontrol. We’re very excited to be able to offer it as an option.”

    Dustcontrol UK, based in Milton Keynes (UK head office), has developed a series of mobile dust extractors and air cleaners specifically designed for the construction industry to capture fine and hazardous dusts, such as silica dust.

    For further information on Dustcontrol UK’s new products including the DC Tromb please phone 01327 858001 or email

    For further information visit

  • Dustcontrol UK – R. Twinings & Co. Ltd. case study

    For Twinings, tea is more than just a drink. For over 300 years it has become a part of people’s daily lives and has satisfied generations of tea lovers, now providing a total of 330 varieties. Over the years the company has had some notable historical moments, including Queen Victoria making Twinings an official Royal Warrant holder in 1837 and then becoming the first company to win the Queen’s Award for Export in 1972.

    In 2011 Twinings closed its North Shields factory in Newcastle to open a new, more efficient factory in Poland. This move didn’t affect the UK market as the flagship factory in Andover continues to produce all of the Twinings tea that is sold within the UK; the factory simply had the bonus of inheriting all of the equipment from the Newcastle factory, thereby enabling it to consolidate its processes.

    Allan Rose has been with the company for 14 years through a variety of roles and is now ‘Continuous Improvement Engineer,’ assisting with any improvements that need to be made to the Andover factory, ensuring that everything is done to the highest of standards. Allan said: “We currently have 13 machines producing tea bags. When the machines are at full capacity 9 of these can produce 2,000 tea bags per minute, with the other four producing 1,000 tea bags per minute.

    He continued: “We typically produce anywhere between 45 million and 75 million tea bags per week. With production numbers being so high, we need to ensure we have the very best equipment in our factory. Particularly as the factory is working 24 hours, 5 days a week - this is extended to weekends when additional production is required.”

    Bloom dust is created throughout the tea bag production process, and with between 45 and 75 million tea bags being produced a week the dust levels can be very high. Up until four years ago the cleaning process was to sweep up the dust at the end of each shift – there are a total of three shifts per day. The company made the decision to invest in high quality dust extraction equipment for general cleaning and came across Dustcontrol UK.

    Allan explained: “No doubt Twinings would’ve had to meet with at least two other dust extraction suppliers to get an idea of what was on the market and what would work best within the factory. The decision was made to go with Dustcontrol UK simply because they provide the best systems on the market. The installation process is much easier than other companies described, everything is neatly tucked away and all of the tools are easily useable. There is no cabling requirement to the vac points which saved a fortune in installation costs and the system runs on the Dustcontrol Green System controls featuring an inverter for electricity saving since the system runs for long periods with a varying number of users. The systems themselves are very simple to use, taking no more than five minutes to get the hang of – all our technicians & operators have to do is pull down a flap, plug in the dust hose and use the necessary accessories as needed. This means that cleaning can be done by the machine operators on an ad hoc basis during production to keep the tea production machines running effectively, thereby creating a leaner process”.

    The first dust extraction unit from Dustcontrol UK was purchased by Twinings four years ago and is fitted on the ‘Dream Line.’ It’s currently not in use whilst part of the factory is being refurbished, but is shortly due to be up and running once more.

    The second dust extraction unit that Twinings has purchased is fitted on the ‘Transfer Line.’ Allan said: “We were so pleased with the system we previously had with Dustcontrol UK that we didn’t see the need to look elsewhere for alternatives. When we wanted another system, we went straight to Dustcontrol UK, explained what we needed and purchased a large centralised vac cleaning system. This system has now been in use for one year and it’s done exactly what we’ve needed it to. The Transfer line has a total of 20 plug in points about 8 metres apart, with four in use at any given time to ensure the machine works at it’s optimum.”

    Allan continued: “Both vac systems have self-cleaning filters. The filters are set to self-clean between shifts throughout the day so as not to interfere with workloads, taking around 10 minutes. All collected material ends up outside of the main hall in the warehouse in an easy to change bag connected to the cyclone that is easily accessible by the technicians. This system has created a better working environment; technicians and operators no longer risk falling over mobile vacuum units and electric cables, the air is cleaner, their jobs are that bit easier and also the environment they are now working in is a lot healthier and tidier, which has ultimately improved morale.”

    Twinings is currently in the process of trying to raise the capital to further grow its factory, therefore expanding on its Transfer Line. Allan concluded: “With the expansion, we’re hoping to increase the Transfer Line by adding five plug in cleaning points on spring retractable hose reels, adding in a new shredding machine that will allow recycling of any paper waste. We’ve used Dustcontrol UK for two main projects now and they are without a doubt our chosen company for all our high vac dust extraction needs.”

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