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Assyst Bullmer Ltd

Assyst Bullmer Ltd

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WF20XJ West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

We are the providers of advanced cutting machines solutions for composites, integrated with CAD and nesting software and robotic handling of cut parts. We have participated on numerous projects with our partners for the composites industry, delivering state of the art manufacturing cells for composite parts. We also provide range of laser projection products from LAP Lasers, for laminating guidance, positioning and part verification.


  • LAP Laser projection

    COMPOSITE PRO is a laser system for projection of polylines or outlines onto working surfaces, work pieces or moulds. Laser lines are generated based upon CAD data. The projected shapes are true to scale. With COMPOSITE PRO you optimize workflow and quality of your production. Independent of industry, material and product, you may work faster, more flexible and cleaner than with conventional templates or measuring aid

  • ELC Premiumcut Cutting Machine

    Latest generation of our composites cutting machines, the ELC Premiumcut cutter. This machine can be equipped with range of tools: Oscillating knife, driven pizza wheel, drag knife and also with different marking tools: pen, spray, labelling device and inkjet printer.
    This machine can achieve 120m/minute linear speed and up to 2g acceleration of the cutting head.
    We can also provide driven unwidning units, for material rolls up to 800kg and with automated material handling and feeding features. We work with established robots manufacturers, in order to achieve streamlined composites parts off loading and sorting and even composites parts building. Our cutting machines are cutting materials for different applications from automotive, wind turbines, tidal turbines, F1 cars, insulaton, bullet proof application and many more.

Product news

  • The ATTOM project at Solvay is approaching its conclusion

    The project was to develop an automated method of producing tidal turbine blades from composite material. The project has achieved some remarkable improvements and the problems solved are generating interest from other areas of composite production such aeroplane components and automotive manufacture.

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