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Cristex Composite Materials

Cristex Composite Materials

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Formed in 1990, Cristex Composite Materials has steadily evolved to become the UK’s premier supplier of High Performance Fibres, Fabrics and Resin Systems for the UK Composites and Reinforced Plastics Markets. Cristex supplies a comprehensive range of products manufactured from Glass Fibre (E.C.S. ECR), Carbon Fibre, Aramid Fibre, Dyneema®, Thermoplastic (nylon, polyester etc.) and Natural Fibres. Also available is a extensive range of Resins Systems, Additives and Adhesives. For further information please contact the team at Cristex.


  • Kitting and Cutting Service

    Introducing our new cutting and kitting service, utilising powerful nesting software, Cristex can help make the most economic use of material whilst reducing time and wasted effort often associated with hand cutting.


    Cristex is proud to announce a new product to the range.

    ADE-FIX is a recent development from G.Angeloni and has been developed where a high quality surface finish is needed. ADE-FIX combines stabilising webs (WF1, WF2 and WF3) applied to one surface with a high tack Epoxy coating applied to the opposite surface. The Epoxy self-adhesive coating is fully compatible with and promotes a perfect bond to any Epoxy Resin System.

    Cristex's Technical Specialists are on hand to assist with any questions or advice.

Product news

  • Cristex Supplies SAERTEX Fabrics to the Wind Power Industry

    An ever-growing industry, the renewable energy sector is increasingly turning to the use of fibre reinforced polymers as a key element in construction and manufacturing. Properties such as minimal maintenance, excellent fatigue strength and the ability to resist random loading and corrosion have seen the rise in the popularity in the use of composite materials in this industry. It is these key properties which have led to the use of composites in both wind turbines and subsea turbines.

    Cristex supplies many fabrics suitable for the wind power industry and has done so for many years. As the renewable energy market is growing year on year the demand for longer rotor blades and larger wind turbines has increased. Due to the larger, light weight construction the efficiency capability increases. With many wind farms situated offshore on the high seas it is important the wind turbines are able to withstand poor weather conditions. Cristex’s range of fabrics are developed to the highest standard using advanced technology to ensure they can withstand the most hostile of environmental conditions.

    The range of fabrics available from Cristex for this application includes glass and carbon to reinforce the webs, spars and shells of the wind turbine rotor blades. In addition Cristex can provide specialist fabrics such as SAERfix and 3D fabrics which are excellent alternative fabrics for this application. Self-adhesive SAERfix fabric means that spray adhesive is no longer needed, while 3D fabrics are a great way to lay thick layers of glass/carbon with ease. For the shells and spars there has been an increase in use of structural core materials, Cristex offer a unique product called SAERfoam which has glass bridges punched through the foam to create strength, alongside multiaxial interlaid complexes. In the area of spars, UD carbon fabrics are seeing increasing use alongside UD glass fabrics, in order to facilitate even longer rotor blade spans.

    Cristex is one of the leading suppliers for the renewable energy industry, providing fabrics and resin systems to large scale projects and well known production units. In addition to being able to provide a large selection of fabrics, Cristex can also offer cutting & kitting, prototyping, GL-certified laboratory testing and – in particular – a complete component manufacturing service in Stade.


    In 2014 SAERTEX received the prestigious JEC Innovation award in the wind power sector for the MAPRETEC project. This award recognised SAERTEX’s contribution to the automation of rotor blade manufacture in cooperation with the University of Bremen and AREVA Blades.

    To discuss your project requirements please contact the office to discuss further.

    Tel: 01282 770666


  • Cristex Introduces SAERfoam

    SAERfoam is a structural core material with 3D glass bridges, used to replace conventional core materials such a PVC, PET and balsa. Due to its ultralight foam (PU/PE/PIR) combined with 3D glass reinforcements it results in an extremely low-weight hybrid core material with optimised mechanical properties.

    Through the years of innovation, SAERfoam has been developed to be individually configured to project requirements, offering a combination of adjustable components such as strength, weight and material cost. This is done by adapting the density and alignment of the 3D glass bridges and altering the foam used.

    As previously mentioned SAERfoam can be used as a replacement of PVC, PET and balsa, SAERfoam is lighter than balsa, this makes SAERfoam very interesting for long components such as rotor blades. It also exhibits up to five times greater shear stiffness in comparison with PVC. In addition to greater strength, SAERfoam is significantly lighter while still maintaining the same mechanical characteristic values.

    A high and consistent quality is always delivered, confirmation of the highly reproducible and homogenous quality of SAERfoam in comparison to renewable raw materials is confirmed by certification from Germanischer Lloyd (GL ISO 9001) and Bureau Veritas. It has therefore been verified that SAERfoam can be supplied in varied quantities to a consistently high quality.

    SAERfoam has been tested in a laboratory, in practise with Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy Resin Systems.

    To discuss your project requirements please contact our sales office to discuss further

    In 2014 SAERTEX received the prestigious JEC Innovation award in the wind power sector for the MAPRETEC project. This award recognised SAERTEX’s contribution to the automation of rotor blade manufacture in cooperation with the University of Bremen and AREVA Blades.

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