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PRF Composite Materials

PRF Composite Materials

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PRF Composite Materials is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance products for the advanced composites industry, with a comprehensive range of products available from stock: prepreg (tooling and component), reinforcements, epoxy resin systems, release agents and kitting services. With over 30 years’ experience supplying the aerospace, motorsport, renewable energy, defence, sports & leisure, medical and marine industries, we are now building on significant recent investment to further develop our manufacturing capability and extend our range of high quality materials.

Following the installation of our new, state-of-the-art prepreg manufacturing line, we are now developing new and innovative products including our new Snap Cure epoxy prepreg RP570 and new tooling prepregs with extended tack life and out life. We are also continuing to expand the rest of our material range, introducing a new semi-permanent mould release for pressing and to develop reinforcements for both prepreg and dry materials. Our purpose-built kitting and preforming centre continues to progress and we have extended our onsite laboratory facilities, bringing full mechanical testing in-house.

Doing things differently, we are committed to innovation, product development and quality, and providing a professional and responsive service with technical support. Our focus going forward is to continue to help our customers reduce manufacturing time, and improve efficiency & cost-effectiveness.


  • RP549 Highly Toughened Epoxy Prepreg System

    PRF Composites are delighted to launch our new highly toughened epoxy prepreg system: RP549. Specially formulated for the production of parts requiring high mechanical properties and good impact resistance, this new system has a Tg of 195°C (DMA) and excellent mechanical properties in tensile, ILS and flexural strength, offering customers a high quality solution for structural components that demand superior mechanical and thermal properties. Feedback from our initial customer trials confirms that the material also has particularly good laminating characteristics, with good tack and grab. We are delighted to add RP549 to our growing range of innovative prepreg materials.

    The system is now in manufacture on a range of our high quality reinforcement fabrics.

  • RP570 Snap Cure Epoxy Prepreg System

    RP570 Snap Cure Epoxy prepreg is an innovative system which has a complete process time of 4 minutes and produces an aesthetic quality finish in pressed components. Developed for high volume production of parts produced by heated press process, RP570 Snap Cure enables the constructor to create parts in a processing time of just 4 minutes, with no need to cycle the mould tool or to cool the hot mould tool before demoulding at 140°C.

    Working continuously on a pre-heated mould tool at 140°C, the preform is placed on the mould tool, the mould tool is closed and pressure applied. After 4 minutes the part is fully cured and can be removed from the mould tool without any cooling, enabling parts to be made back-to-back without heating and cooling the mould tool each time. This is achieved by a rapid rise in the Tg of the system, enabling it to rise above the temperature of the mould tool in the 4 minute cycle time.

    The system is available on the majority of our large range of reinforcement fabrics.

  • RP802 Overnight Cure Epoxy Tooling Prepreg System

    Curing in 16 hours at 60°C or 8 hours at 70°C, RP802 Overnight Cure has a tack life of 10 days at 20°C and a Tg of 190°C DSC after post cure. We’re receiving great customer feedback on the system’s handling characteristics, excellent surface finish and the significant advantages the extended tack life provides: tools can be made quicker and more efficiently - making it easier for constructors to manage the build. With flexibility in mind, we have also developed our faster system, RP801 Standard Cure, which has a cure cycle of eight hours at 60°C, a tack life of five days at 20°C and a Tg of 190°C DSC after post cure. Both systems are now in manufacture on our high quality carbon and glass tooling fabrics.

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