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North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging

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HP12 3SY High Wycombe
United Kingdom

North Star Imaging manufacturers state-of-the-art Digital X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) systems from its headquarters in Rogers, MN, USA. Through NSI's industry leading, efX-CT software, their CT system speed and ease of use is unmatched in the industry. This software offers a simple 5-step, start-to-finish CT process. NSI UK, based in High Wycombe, can offer system demonstrations and also inspection services where customers can send samples to us for 2D X-ray or 3D CT scanning. Aside from our corporate office in Rogers, Minnesota, NSI also has sites in California, Paris and China. NSI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


  • NSI efXct - The Easiest, Fastest and Most Complete Industrial CT Software

    GPU accelerated CT reconstruction module
    Automatic Parallelization for systems with multiple GPUs
    5-step guided wizard for easy CT reconstruction
    Intuitive interface and OpenGL based 3D volume rendering
    Unique geometry definition independent of system/mechanical precision
    Non-proprietary data formats, handles broad range of input formats

  • North Star Imaging X5000

    The X5000 is the most versatile system offered by North Star Imaging. The system boasts a large scanning envelope and excellent ergonomics for loading sizable objects while still maintaining the sensitivity to inspect even the smallest of items.

Product news

  • North Star Imaging's 30 Years of Ingenuity

    From a small enterprise to a global X-ray & CT systems and inspection service provider
    Rogers, MN, January 7, 2016 – North Star Imaging (NSI), a manufacturer of digital X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) systems for industrial applications, is celebrating its third decade of operations. The company started out in 1986 as a manufacturer’s representative gaining experience and knowledge in the CT industry.
    Adhering to the adage that the only thing that is constant is change, the company in mid-2000 ventured out to manufacture and sell their own equipment and systems software and also entered the market of as-needed inspection services to meet the growing demand from their customers.
    NSI’s success brought visibility and in 2010 the company was acquired by the multi-billion dollar conglomerate, Illinois Tool Works (ITW). This transformed the company into a global enterprise with offices not only in Minnesota but also California, Paris, London, and soon, in Asia.
    “The jump from being very local to global was significant. The company was performing really well, so we weren’t surprised that ITW was interested in us. The huge change this brought was suddenly becoming a part of a company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This gave us the ability to grow at a much faster pace and has allowed us to take our products to new places with the guidance of people who had done it before”, says Seth Taylor, Business Unit Head of NSI.
    NSI’s success is also attributed to the customers, partners and suppliers who have helped them reach their 30 year mark. The company plans to celebrate their milestone throughout 2016 through their various activities, whether at trade show exhibitions, company events, or through various promotional campaigns.

  • NORTH STAR IMAGING INTRODUCES ROBOTIX - Automatic Loading for Product X-Ray Scanning

    Rogers, MN, May 7, 2017– North Star Imaging is pleased to announce a new add-on device that can be incorporated into standard and existing NSI X-ray & Computed Tomography (CT) systems for automatic part loading and unloading – robotiX.

    robotiX uses a simple interface that allows end-users to easily create new robotic motion control programs. These programs allow for reusable safe zone sub-routines that speed up the programming process to ensure that your NSI X-ray or CT system is up and running quickly when programming new parts for loading/unloading.

    What’s more, robotiX seamlessly integrates with NSI’s efX software to acquire, process and archive images with a user-friendly interface. It’s safety area scanner removes the need for added area protection and keeps the workplace secure by disabling the system if an object or person enters the predefined operating perimeter.

    Adding robotiX to your NSI system reduces cycle time, increases productivity and allows for more efficient use of your equipment.
    Talk to our global sales team to request for a demonstration Learn more about NSI’s products and services at

  • INTRODUCING THE X3000 DR & CT X-RAY SYSTEM - A Compact System with Huge Capabilities

    Rogers, MN, May 7, 2017– The X3000 system has just been released by North Star Imaging as an answer to customers needing a compact system with unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system.

    NSI’s applications specialists can help you select the best combination of X-ray source and X-ray detector beneficial to your needs. The system has a cabinet dimension of 103.5 in (Width) x 51.9 in (Depth) x 79 in (Height) and has a maximum energy of 225kV with a geometric image magnification of up to >2000X.

    Whether you need to penetrate through several inches of thick aluminum castings or focus on a gold bond wire that’s as thin as human hair, NSI’s specialists can configure your X3000 to address your needs.

    Talk to NSI to set-up a demonstration or to learn more about the X3000. Contact today!

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