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CHOMARAT Textiles Industries

CHOMARAT Textiles Industries

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Established in 1898, Chomarat is an independent industrial group and a leading player in the textile field. It relies on an international network in the field of composite materials and engineered textiles, and has industrial sites worldwide - Europe, the Mediterranean basin, the United States and Asia - to support the development of international groups.
The Group leads a bold innovation strategy by investing in new technologies and entering into research partnerships with universities worldwide.
To meet its customer’s requirements, Chomarat develops robust technical expertise that is based on a wealth of knowledge. Chomarat’s teams provides support for the Group’s customers in the most innovation-oriented sectors, like automotive, aerospace, sports, energy, boating, protection, building & construction and civil engineering, and also in markets requiring creativity and expertise, like luxury goods.


  • G-PLY

    G-PLY TM is a multiaxial made up of undirectional layers (0°, 90°, +/-45°) that are mechanically sewn together.
    This is a continuous fiber, non-crimp fabric. This construction allows increased mechanical performance compared to woven fabrics.

  • G-FLOW

    G-FLOW TM is a 100% glass, structural flow media for infu-sion. To be used without adding an external or internal flow media.
    • High mechanical performance.
    • Improved preparation time.
    • Quicker infusion time.
    • Less waste.
    • Better cycle life performances.
    • Cost saving.


    C-WEAVE TM is a bi-drectional (0°/90°) warp and weft woven carbon fabric.
    Fabric areal weights range from 160 g/m2 to 1200g/m2 in different weave patterns such as Plain, Twill, Harness Satin. Available carbon fiber tows are 3,6,12 or 24K and HS (High Strength), IM (Intermediate Modulus), HM (High Modulus). C-WEAVE TM SP provides the highest visual quality with a unique spreading technology to ensure an optimised closure of the weave.

  • C-PLY

    C-PLY TM is a range of multiaxial carbon reinforcement (non crimp fabric, or NCF) developed using the most advanced technology and tow spreading process.
    C-PLY TM are unidirectional or multidirectional stitched plies from 50 gsm to 600 gsm / ply.
    Carbon tows used are 12, 24, 48, 50 K in HS (High Strength), IM (Intermediate Modulus) or HM (High Modulus) grades.

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