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Materials Design

Materials Design

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92120 Montrouge

Materials Design, Inc. is the leader in computational materials engineering on atomic scale. We successfully serve industrial and research customers in engineering applications such as automotive, aerospace, chemicals, batteries, electronics and many more.

Using our MedeA® high performance modeling environment, you will complement and focus your experiments and traditional materials models to gain a deeper understanding of your materials, rapidly assess a broad range of properties, and efficiently evaluate improvement scenarios.


  • MedeA® Instrument

    Augment your computational resources using our high-performance hardware, ideally suited for an office or laboratory. Comes as a turnkey solution, with MedeA® software pre-installed and ready to be used right away!

  • Materials Properties Service by Materials Design

    Benefit from our MedeA® technology to get the valuable materials properties you need – reliably, economically and saving your valuable time

    So if you are...
    ...looking to better guide and focus for your experimental work
    ...going after the properties where experiments are difficult, dangerous or costly
    ...keen to understand different scenarios and explain experimental results
    ...interested to run screening series modifying the structure of the materials
    -- then this service is ideally suited to your needs!

  • MedeA® - Atomistic Modeling Software

    MedeA® brings together an integrated suite of model building, simulation and analysis tools, including the best computational methods (VASP, LAMMPS, Gaussian, Gibbs, MOPAC) as well as extensive databases of forcefields and other material data. It is designed to boost your productivity and make the most effective use of computing resources– and your time.

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