The easyFairs concept

Would you like to spend less on trade shows and simultaneously meet more genuinely interested buyers?

For the price of a single ad in a trade magazine, EMPACK 2012 puts you in direct, face-to-face contact with dozens or even hundreds of customers and prospects. Participation requires minimal preparation time: just turn up and do business! (Or, if you are exhibiting equipment, allow a few hours for set-up.)

The show itself lasts just two days, putting minimum demands on your staff time, but expect the two days to be pretty intense as you will make a lot of interesting and potentially very profitable contacts!

As in previous years, EMPACK 2012 is being strongly promoted through a targeted marketing campaign to ensure maximum attendance by budget holders and decision makers.

Participating in EMPACK 2012 really is a must for anyone in packaging, and especially for companies launching new brands or promoting existing products.

easyFairs organises time-and cost-effective trade shows at the heart of your markets


  • Meet hundreds of qualified (potential) customers and partners
  • A low, all-inclusive price
  • Easily measurable ROI


  • Rapid face-to-face contact: just turn up and do business!
  • Two days of intensive selling
  • Easy to plan, book and participate

At the heart of your market

  • Organised regionally – easyFairs takes the show to the buyers and influencers you want to meet
  • Specialised and focused – for qualified trade visitors only
  • A uniform format across Europe – enabling you to penetrate new markets with minimum risk

The green alternative

  • easyFairs is the green alternative: trade shows with minimum carbon footprint.

Visitor promotion
easyFairs also gives you a complete programme of highly targeted promotional activities. This professional trade show is only for invited visitors, which guarantees high quality footfall. We promote the show through a highly targeted marketing campaign, in close cooperation with prominent trade magazines and user organisations.

Plus, easyFairs will send a personalized invitation card to all of your relations, without any extra costs. Besides you will receive 250 invitation cards (and can order more to choice) to additionally invite your customers and prospects yourself. easyFairs makes also use of a wide range of traditional and online communication tools to give your visibility a boost.


For further information you can take a look at the brochure or download the bookingform directly.



Note: Access is limited to professional visitors only. Students will not be allowed.
easyFairs Netherlands BV is a member of the CLC

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