Free learnShops™ seminars for all visitors

learnShops™ provide more content at the show!
The main reason for visiting a trade show is to find an efficient solution for a daily 'problem'. During the learnShops™, visitors get practical information and they find solutions to these problems in an interactive way.

These expert lectures address topics of keen interest to the trade professional and provide actionable information that can be used directly at work – making your customers' jobs easier, more effective, more rewarding. They add value to show through the quality of their content and innovative nature of their best practices.

learnShops™ are given by university professors, your customers (case studies), industry experts or professional associations. The take place during the two show days right on the show floor in a room arranged by easyFairs, including chairs, lighting and audio equipment.

Cooperation with Nedvang
In collaboration with easyFairs, Nedvang provides lectures on Law and Recycling. In the shop Law is told about the change that will take place at 1 January 2013 in the current situation surrounding packaging tax. During the learnShop Recycling is presented more about the requirements regarding all types of material. At least 70% of all packing materials must be recycled.

During the show Bumaga presents the "Slimme Slanke Ketens concept" and the projects that are a part of it. The concept and the background are explained, along with the planning and conditions. Then Bumaga continues in the "Slimme en Slanke aspecten" including some practical aspects and the advantages of the concept. To conclude, a number of casestudies is shown.

The learnShops™ of Nedvang and Bumaga are part of the overall learnShops™ program. All learnShops™ are announced on the website, in magazines and through panels at the exhibition. Of course you can invite your customers to attend the learnShops™!

For more information about learnShops™ or if you'd like to suggest a customer to present an interesting subject for the program, please contact:

Marketing Contact
Marc van den Maagdenberg
Telefoon: +31 (0) 162 408 994

Note: Access is limited to professional visitors only. Students will not be allowed.
easyFairs Netherlands BV is a member of the CLC

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