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Engels is a supplier of durable packaging solutions. For several decades we have won our spurs with creative and customer-oriented thinking about plastic bins.

Doing this we have always paid special attention to environmental care according to the rules. Therefore we are pleased to offer you insight into our our extended pr

Press releases

  • Engels Logistiek brings customized solutions for internal logistics Koninklijke Gazelle

    To optimize the supply of products from the warehouse to various production plants Gazelle changed to a new system with plastic bins A bicycle consists of a wide variety of parts, therefore were bins of three dimensions needed. In consultation with Engels was chosen for bins in the size 600x400 mm in two different heights and a bin of 800x600 mm.
    For use in flow racks, the bottoms of the 600x400 mm were adjusted. Thanks to a mould adaption the bins can be used in the existing situation. The nesting bins got new brackets so they can be stacked on top of each other.


Product news

  • The special Cabkan plastic can carry even the toughest loads

    They are best suited for the transport and storage of heavy loads. Even at high ambient temperatures, these pallets keep their shape and stay rigid. Two factors that ensure smooth processes in high rack systems. Thanks to their material characteristics, Cabkan pallets can do what was once only possible with additional metal reinforcements. Special Cabkan plastic gives them their special stability compared to plastic pallets made of HDPE.

    heavy duty: for loads up to 1250 kg in high rack. keep their shape and stay rigid. Can be used in high racks even at high ambient temperatures.

    durable; low breakage rates and high cycle numbers. optimized for closed-circuit use. long-lasting high quality.

    reliable: maximum adaptability to automated storage and picking systems. Process reliability through precise design and dimensions.


  • Shuttle pallet in high bay warehouses

    Wear and damage to pool pallets quickly cause malfunctions and standstill of the sensitive equipment in high bay warehouses. With the Shuttle pallet from Engels the pool pallets continue to function perfectly.


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