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Jesma is a specialized supplier of weighing and gravimetric dosing equipment. Our equipment is designed and constructed to achieve market leading operational safety, the highest possible degree of user-friendliness and optimum accuracy.
With our leading range of standard weighing and dosing equipment, and our ability to supply project designed equipment, Jesma is able to solve any task for weighing and dosing within the process and bulk handling industries.
Our product range includes:
• Weigh feeders with OIML and MID trade approvals according to class 0.5
• Flow scales in compact design and low installation height.
• Intake-Out loading scales with capacities up to 900 m3/ha and a static weighing accuracy better than 0.1%
• Hopper scales with static weighing accuracies of only +/-0,5g and capacities up to 10000kg
• Unique and project adapted dosing systems with a dosing accuracy of +/-1,0g


JesBelt weigh feeder

The JesBelt weigh feeders from Jesma are perfectly suited for use in the process and bulk industries. With market leading operational reliability, long lifetime and high accuracy the weigh feeders from Jesma can be used for any weighing and dosing project within dry bulk and solids.
The JesBelt weigh feeders are available in both a wide standard range, and as project designed equipment.
secures that the product fits the customer’s need.

JesFlow flow scale

Flow scales from Jesma are primarily used for process weighing of bulk materials as powder or granulated products.
Due to the compact construction, the JesFlow is very easy to retrofit into an exsisting process system.
The inspection hatches allows easy maintenance, and the absence of any moving parts maximizes the life time.

\"Loss-in-weight\" dosing

A loss in weight system from Jesma can be used everywhere where continuous dosing of dry bulk materials is required with high accuracy.
The loss in weight system from Jesma is designed according to the specific requirements of the project. This could be a percentage addition of an additive in relation to the main flow or continuous dosing of several tons/hour.
The advanced control system from Jesma secures an optimal dosing even during the critical stage of re-filling the weigh bin.
The possibility of testing the material in the Jesma test centre allows us to select the right construction and material, so that the supplied Jesma "Loss-in-weight" system lives up to our well-known reliability, accuracy and user-friendliness.

Jesma dosing plants

A dosing system from Jesma can as standard be delivered with up to 24 silos. The silos can be placed in a circle or a square depending on the customer requirements and available space.
A dosing system from Jesma can be equipped with scraper and lifting screw in the bottom which secures the optimal output of difficult materials, and a uniform filling of the dosing screw.
The silo- and the dosing system can be designed according to filling method, silo size, silo bottom and respectfully coarse- and fine dosing – this secures an optimized system for all types of materials.
The system is designed according to a very simple principle – this secures easy cleaning and simple maintenance.
All components are designed and constructed to obtain an optimal operational reliability and minimal cross contamination.

JesHopper Intake

Jesma provides a complete program of intake-and outloading scales consisting of 8 standard sizes with capacities up to 900 t/h
An intake-and outloading scale can be installed anywhere in a production where there is a need to weigh directly in a dynamic product flow.
The JesHopper-Intake from Jesma can be supplied with trade approvals according to OIML and MID guidelines and with a weighing accuracy better than 0,1 %.

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