Economic evaluations

We perform health economic evaluations, as required by many national authorities or other actors in ... Read more

packaging materials

Wide range of packaging materials: Tapes, Straps, Stretch, packaging machinery... Read more

VIDEOJET 2300 high resolution ink jet printer

-High resolution inkjet coder for marking of outercases with non-porous surface -There is three dif... Read more

CHEP Plastic Dolly 600 x 400 mm

CHEP Plastic Dolly 600 x 400 mm Read more


FROMM AP200 on uusi ja kompakti AIRPAD pöytäkone. Kone on pienikokoinen, siirrettävä, kevyt ja eritt... Read more

Flexolahti 3D - Licious

Flexolahti revolutionary 3D visualization allows you to compare different packaging ideas in realist... Read more

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