Global Closure Sytems

Standard Product Catalogue Read more

IFS Petratto Metro

The Metro is a modular system which allows the automation of multiple processes usually performed by... Read more

Pill / Capsule Bottles

From 30ml to 200ml with/ without dessicant or safety liner Read more

Plastic Buckets and Tubs

The range includes round buckets, rectangular/square buckets, UN Approved buckets and plastic tubs. ... Read more

ArtiosCAD Enterprise

With ArtiosCAD Enterprise, carton converters set up their own private cloud to deploy a process-driv... Read more

Q-Lite Coreless hand Film

The ultimate pallet wrapping solution. *Ergonomically designed re-useable applicator ensures you use... Read more

Plastic Tubes

From 19mm to 50mm in diameter with a wide range of caps available including Scandolara\'s own flipto... Read more

MetalPaper - Bespoke Metpol Lamination service

At MetalPaper we laminate a wide range of papers and boards with metpol films from our extensive sto... Read more

Label Dispensers

Read more


Void filling paper system using 100% SpeedMan waste paper. Read more

670ml Soup Container

New for 2012, a 670ml (600g) round tamper evident soup container, injection moulded in PP, suitable ... Read more

PET bottles

Large range of standard PET bottles from 50ml to 500 ml with screw and snap-on necks for your variou... Read more

PAGO System R800: Powerful rotary labelling system

The Pago System R800 is a sturdy, powerful and reliable rotary labelling system that incorporates th... Read more

‘STR’ door - Efaflex UK Ltd.

Our ‘STR’ door tested to 150,000 cycles per year, suitable for interior & external applications. Als... Read more

Fix-a-Form multi-page label

A Fix-a-Form multi-page label can either be a booklet concealed within a label or a folded leaflet c... Read more

FillPak TT - eco-friendly void filling

Flexible protective packaging: The compact FillPak TT offers void filling with speed and cost effici... Read more

Hand Pallet Wrap

High Perfrormance hand pallet wrap to save time effort nd money. Read more

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