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Visit the Nordic Region's largest packaging trade show in 2013!

PACK & EMBALLAGE Stockholm 2013 is a trade show bursting with ideas on how to improve, streamline and develop your packaging & production processes and to make your products jump off the shelves into customers' shopping carts! It's the place to find cost-effective, innovative packaging and manufacturing solutions.

At PACK & EMBALLAGE Stockholm 2013, you get an exclusive preview of tomorrow's solutions: smarter package labelling, better compatibility with the environment, more efficient machinery and designs that sell. Simply put, the show is a unique forum packed with business opportunities and world-class packaging visions.

At the show you can identify new suppliers, network with fellow professionals and get ideas and inspiration at the show's content-rich learnShops programme.


Robert Monaghan (UK), Renowned packaging design specialist and a well-known speaker – What Sells Best
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Rowland Heming (Belgien) Co-founder of Europe’s only Package Design Association PDA-Europe
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Place & Opening
Kistamässan, Stockholm 16-17 october 2013
Wednesday 9-17
Thursday 9-16

This year we  will have a whole new area for packaging logistik.

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25/11 - 2014
Learn how individual boxes are efficiently coded and verified in-line on Korber MediPak Systems' Seidenader SingleUnit-Basic, which is specifically designed to print and inspect cartons for serialization.
25/11 - 2014
The Alliance for Innovation and Operational Excellence (AIOE), founded by PMMI in 2011, recently released "One Voice for Hygienic Equipment Design for Low-Moisture Foods."
25/11 - 2014
Designed without multiple servos to keep costs low, Multi-Conveyor’s 2:1 Merge Conveyor for bagged products merges two lanes of separately fed 12-in long bagged food products into a single lane at 110 products/min.
25/11 - 2014
The Corrugated Packaging Alliance reports that just 3% of corrugated volume in 2013 used wax coatings, helping the recycling rate for old corrugated containers reach 88.5%.
24/11 - 2014
ConAgra continuous improvement chief spearheads the introduction of the OEE Opportunity Calculator and the OEE Validation Calculator, free from AIOE.

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