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Visit the Nordic Region's largest packaging trade show in 2013!

PACK & EMBALLAGE Stockholm 2013 is a trade show bursting with ideas on how to improve, streamline and develop your packaging & production processes and to make your products jump off the shelves into customers' shopping carts! It's the place to find cost-effective, innovative packaging and manufacturing solutions.

At PACK & EMBALLAGE Stockholm 2013, you get an exclusive preview of tomorrow's solutions: smarter package labelling, better compatibility with the environment, more efficient machinery and designs that sell. Simply put, the show is a unique forum packed with business opportunities and world-class packaging visions.

At the show you can identify new suppliers, network with fellow professionals and get ideas and inspiration at the show's content-rich learnShops programme.


Robert Monaghan (UK), Renowned packaging design specialist and a well-known speaker – What Sells Best
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Rowland Heming (Belgien) Co-founder of Europe’s only Package Design Association PDA-Europe
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Place & Opening
Kistamässan, Stockholm 16-17 october 2013
Wednesday 9-17
Thursday 9-16

This year we  will have a whole new area for packaging logistik.

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23/10 - 2014
Citronix’ ciSeries range of printers – ci3200, ci3300, ci3500, and ci3650 – features enhancements to the fluidics system, electronics, and software that improve overall capability, reliability, simplicity, and value.
23/10 - 2014
The Foodservice Packaging Institute completes a second study to understand whether food contamination is a real or perceived barrier to recovering more packaging materials.
23/10 - 2014
Underneath the tight-fitting labels are a host of considerations.
22/10 - 2014
Of all the topics of conversation that percolated at the recent Graph Expo in Chicago, one that surfaced frequently was the one about how commercial printers are eyeing the packaging materials market now that their traditional markets—magazines, catalogues, direct sales materials—have been hit so hard by the digital revolution.
22/10 - 2014
Designed for pre-made or inline pouching, lidding, and flow wrap packages, Rollprint’s Exponent film is a chemically-resistant, clear flexible film for high-barrier pharmaceutical applications that features a reduced number of layers and gauge to offer cost-savings and create an improved environmental profile.

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