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In the tradition set by Carlo Erba, Fisons and Finnigan; Thermo Scientific offers from the most simple, to the cuting edge development of Gas Chromatography.

LC, GC Columns and SPE

Founded in 1982, Phenomenex is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and supply of key products used in the analysis and purification of chemicals and biochemicals.


Jasco offers a wide variety of HPLC modules, accessories and analysis Software. The new JASCO X-LC® extreme high pressure liquid chromatography series.
LC-2000Plus Series includes a versatile series of components offering unique flexibility to build Systems for routine and specialized applications. LC-2QOOPIus features the widest choice of optical HPLC detector: UV, diode array, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, CD, chiral and refractive index detector


In 1958, to meet the need for an Infrared Spectrophotometer at the Institute of Optics (now Tsukuba University), a group of researchers developed their own instrument. This was a great success with a highly reliable unit giving excellent optical performance. This led to other research groups requesting similar instruments for their laboratories and the founding of JASCO Corporation in 1958 to meet the growing demand for optical spectroscopy instrumentation. Today, JASCO manufactures a wide range of UV-Vis/NIR, FT-IR, Fluorescence, Raman and related spectroscopic instrumentation. JASCO is also the world leader in the field of Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeters.


Nanotechnology is exploding. The world of small sizes has never been as
vital for so many directions in science and industry. With this new direction comes a greater need for measurement on the atomic scale and new demands for reliable, precise, and multi-purpose instrumentation.

Brechbühler AG - THE one stop shop for analytical solutions

Product news

  • New FP-8000 series Fluorescence spectrometer

    - Improvement of noise to signal ratio
    - A precise excitation light monitor
    - Improvement in user-friendliness
    - Suppression high-order diffraction light
    - Basic and advanced parameters setup
    - Simple and accurate spectrum correction
    - Enhanced accessories
    - Spectra Manager software platform
    - USB Interface
    - CFR 21 part 11 availabel
    - Qualification documents available

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