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LAB INNOVATIONS will encapsulate the broad spectrum of the laboratory technology and consumable industry with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers covering a range of products and services including:



Basic lab equipment, laboratory automation (robotics); laboratory consumables; chemicals & reagents; fixtures & fittings; laboratory informatics & data systems.


Microscopes, Optics, Image Analysis, Lasers, Cameras; Chromatography (Gas, SFC, HPLC-IC, Separation Systems); Spectrometry-Spectroscopy.


Biotechnology equipment; bioinformatics; biochemicals; technology for biotechnology and life sciences.


Cleanroom garments & cleaning supplies; cleanroom components; cleanroom systems and cleanroom furniture.

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27/08 - 2014
A near-Earth asteroid rotates so quickly that it defies gravity and is held together by van der Waals cohesive forces, a phenomenon never before seen on an asteroid. Researchers from the University of...
22/08 - 2014
New insight into the El Nio Southern Oscillation has been provided by 25-foot piles of ancient shellfish remains. Researchers analysing the shells have found El Nios 10,000 years ago were as...
21/08 - 2014
A combination of origami and electronic engineering has led to the development of a robot that simply folds itself up and walks away. Using paper and polystyrene, researchers from Harvard School of...

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