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LAB INNOVATIONS will encapsulate the broad spectrum of the laboratory technology and consumable industry with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers covering a range of products and services including:



Basic lab equipment, laboratory automation (robotics); laboratory consumables; chemicals & reagents; fixtures & fittings; laboratory informatics & data systems.


Microscopes, Optics, Image Analysis, Lasers, Cameras; Chromatography (Gas, SFC, HPLC-IC, Separation Systems); Spectrometry-Spectroscopy.


Biotechnology equipment; bioinformatics; biochemicals; technology for biotechnology and life sciences.


Cleanroom garments & cleaning supplies; cleanroom components; cleanroom systems and cleanroom furniture.

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25/07 - 2014
For 50 million years, animals have used the same food foraging techniques suggests research from the University of Southampton. The Lvy Walk consists of many small move steps, interspersed with...
24/07 - 2014
Scientists as Newcastle University have taken the first step toward treating the rare childhood disease Joubert Syndrome. The disease, an inherited developmental disorder which affects the brain...
23/07 - 2014
In an unexpected twist, climate change is having a positive effect on the Norwegian reindeers of Svalbard. Populations in the Arctic Archipelago are thriving because of rising temperatures, with...

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