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LAB INNOVATIONS will encapsulate the broad spectrum of the laboratory technology and consumable industry with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers covering a range of products and services including:



Basic lab equipment, laboratory automation (robotics); laboratory consumables; chemicals & reagents; fixtures & fittings; laboratory informatics & data systems.


Microscopes, Optics, Image Analysis, Lasers, Cameras; Chromatography (Gas, SFC, HPLC-IC, Separation Systems); Spectrometry-Spectroscopy.


Biotechnology equipment; bioinformatics; biochemicals; technology for biotechnology and life sciences.


Cleanroom garments & cleaning supplies; cleanroom components; cleanroom systems and cleanroom furniture.

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24/04 - 2014
Next generation wearable technology like Google Glass could be used as an assistive aid for those with the neurological condition Parkinson's disease say researchers from Newcastle University's...
23/04 - 2014
The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) has announced the New Young Scientist Award which recognises a significant contribution to improving the preanalytical...
23/04 - 2014
What do you think is the greatest scientific breakthrough made on British shores? Is it Watson and Crick's discovery of the structure of DNA, or Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell's discovery of the first...

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