See what laboratory professionals have to say about the launch of LAB INNOVATIONS

"Analysis and testing is a core activity for us at Campden BRI, where we focus on the practical application of technical excellence for the food and drinks industry. Our members and clients make big decisions on the basis of test results, so it is essential that everyone involved is aware of what tests and equipment are available, which are most appropriate and when, and how they should be used. Lab Innovations provides us with a valuable forum to present, highlight and discuss the latest in analysis and testing with everyone involved in the analysis chain - from kit providers right through to those who commission analyses and laboratory tests." Martin Hall, Director of Science, Campden BRI

"Attending LAB INNOVATIONS would be of interest to me. It was particularly interesting to hear how easyFairs plans to structure the learning element of the event around specific industry areas."  Ross Caulfield, Laboratory Supervisor, Brittania Food Ingredients Limited

"If the format of easyFairs LAB INNOVATIONS enabled us to see a number of companies offering a varying range of lab equipment and consumables with relevant conference content alongside, myself and my colleagues would happily attend." Jane Doyle, Laponite Technical Development Manager, Rockwood Additivies


And here's what visitors at our international events think of easyFairs Lab sales events:


"We have found new equipment and solutions that we will certainly invest in. The seminars have been really interesting and well structured." Mikael Stenberg, överläkare, Thorax klinik, NUS

"We are here to do business and are looking for new products to buy. It's a really exciting exhibition, this is only the first year but it has got off to a great start!" Inger Dahlberg, Inköpare, Landstinget Västmanland

"People are here to find out what's new in the market and get the latest product news. The seminars are of a high standard. This is the first year that the event has been held and I rate it highly. It is very well put together." Christer Örneklyft, Medicinteknisk Samordnare, Länssjukhuset Sundsvall – Härnösand

"The lectures and seminars have been really interesting. For our lab activities the event has really suited our needs."
Lena Naim, Systemförvaltare, Aleris Medilab

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