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Odor management


Hybrid filter DN 600 mm for manhole

The Hybrid filter is placed in the manhole or on the ventilation duct on the pumping station. The gas is seeping throug the gas distributor mat and the hybrid mat which captures the odor particles. Not only does the filter capture the bad odor, it also bring fresh air to the sewer system which decreases the sulfhide.

Volumenmax - Large Hybrid filter

Mini kolfilter Ø75-110

Information om hybridmattorna

The known operating principles of the activated charcoal mats are supplemted through the hybrid-mats, which are fermented with a special microorganism-treatment for several days, which optimizes the mineralzation of the undesirable usbstances like H2S, Dimethyldisulfide, NH3 or limes. Additional to passive absorption an active miniralization of odors through special decomposed microorganisms is possible. Thus all possible aromatic compounds and other harmful and slightly toxic substances can be decomposed.

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  • Hybridfilter Ø315 til spulebrønd

  • Hybridfilter Ø425 til skelbrønd

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