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German market leader in renewable energy systems


WPL 10 IK: air|water heat pump

With two installation options, the WPL 10 heat pump excels particularly well in new build projects. The WPL 10 IK as a complete appliance is equipped as standard with all relevant assemblies: Air hoses, heating circuit pump, expansion vessel and control equipment are just some of the essential heating components included with the appliance. The result is a compact heat pump that is not only highly energy efficient, but also maximises the available space. Indoor version WPL 10 I features connectors for the air hoses.


WPF 20-66: geothermal high power heat pump

The benefits of advanced heat pump technology are growing. The WPF series of heat pumps was developed specially to supply larger residential complexes as well as commercial and industrial buildings with heat. It is suitable for projects with a heat demand of up to 400 kW. On request including DHW provision. The model range includes five heat pumps ranging from 20 to 66 kW. A cascade circuit enables one or more units to provide the base cover for heat; peak loads are covered by starting additional units. That clearly lowers running costs. When several units are used, two heat pumps respectively can be stacked to save space. This way, heat pump systems not only save energy but also space.


WPL 34-57: air|water heat pump

For properties with a high output demand, the air|water heat pump WPL 34 | 47 | 57 is, in many respects, just the job. This appliance has an installation height of just 1.5 metres and can be installed outside the building. The cascade circuit can expand the already impressive output of this power pack even further. As a result, it also offers a tailor-made solution for apartment buildings of varying sizes. Consequently, this efficient heating technology can now also be used in the modernisation of larger properties with little installation effort.


LWZ 304/404 Integral/SOL

The successful LWZ complete system for energy-efficient houses has been developed into the LWZ 304/404 SOL. These appliances are attractive, as they not only provide heating, ventilation and DHW, but also have an integral cooling function. Completely revised casing design. Immediately noticeable through its new design that fits seamlessly into the current visual lineup from STIEBEL ELTRON. The sturdy and sound-optimised front hides an enlarged DHW cylinder with 235 litre capacity. The improved thermal insulation reduces heat losses to a minimum. The revised power connection is now even clearer and easier to wire.


WPL 10 ACS: air|water heat pump

Efficient heating technology and quiet operation are the major benefits of the WPL 10 AC air | water heat pump. Its small footprint makes it a particularly attractive choice for new buildings, terraced houses and densely built areas. The modern design fits in perfectly everywhere. The WPL 10 AC offers many options. For example, it can be combined with a domestic hot water and buffer cylinder from the extensive STIEBEL ELTRON product range. It is particularly space-efficient in combination with the cylinder module (HSBB), including 200 litre DHW cylinder and internal indirect coil. Apart from DHW and central heating, it also ensures pleasant cooling in the summer months.


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