Engels Logistiek bv - kreatief met kunststof bakken

Engels Logistiek bv - kreatief met kunststof bakken

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The Engels Group supplies products serving logistics and the environment, with a strong focus on sustainability. We intend to maintain our growth towards a European pole position by being a professional partner for our clients as well as our suppliers. This by the:

. Quality of our products, consultation and service
. Creativity of our proposed solutions
. Clarity and accessibility of our communication
. Completeness of our product range

Our product range answers all questions concerning warehouse and transport bins, multiple use packaging, pallets and pallet boxes, retention bins, boxes approved for the transport of hazardous materials and plastic and steel waste containers. This supported by our electronics, software and services for waste collecting and logistics.

Press releases

  • Engels has clever packaging unit for food industry

    Engels has clever packaging unit for food industry

    A customer in the food packaging industry contacted Norah Plastics for a solution to his logistical problem. A large German customer of this company in the past had received their goods in iron cages. The customer was basically looking for a hygienic solution that would at the same time enable him to save space.
    Norah’s solution was to simulate a modular cage frame. This was accomplished by placing corner profiles during the foil wrapping. In order to stack the goods easily and properly, they provided spacers that prevent the goods from moving during the transport.

    - Euro-H1
    - Corner profiles : extruded plate from PE 150x1700xD3mm, folded by Norah’s assembly department to a corner of 90°
    - Spacer : density 1000g/m2, thickness 10mm


Product news

  • The special Cabkan plastic can carry even the toughest loads

    The special Cabkan plastic can carry even the toughest loads

    They are best suited for the transport and storage of heavy loads. Even at high ambient temperatures, these pallets keep their shape and stay rigid. Two factors that ensure smooth processes in high rack systems. Thanks to their material characteristics, Cabkan pallets can do what was once only possible with additional metal reinforcements. Special Cabkan plastic gives them their special stability compared to plastic pallets made of HDPE.

    heavy duty: for loads up to 1250 kg in high rack. keep their shape and stay rigid. Can be used in high racks even at high ambient temperatures.

    durable; low breakage rates and high cycle numbers. optimized for closed-circuit use. long-lasting high quality.

    reliable: maximum adaptability to automated storage and picking systems. Process reliability through precise design and dimensions.


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