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Zennio MAXinBOX 16

MAXinBOX 16 is a KNX actuator that combines in a same device:
16 multifunction binary outputs, with 16 A each, configured as:
Up to 8 shutter channels.
Up to 16 individual outputs.
Manual control of the outputs.
10 multioperation logical functions module.
The outputs and the logical functions module work independently and can interact the others as if there were two autonomous devices connected to the KNX Bus.

Berker B.IQ

With Berker B.IQ we make it even easier for you to control the functions of your intelligent house. Up to four function elements of the instabus EIB can be combined in a single control unit: a temperature controller, information display, tactile sensor and timer. Lighting scenarios and other applications can be adapted to changing needs easily and without any software.

Zennio ZAS room controller

ZAS is a simple and analog room controller that includes thermostat, IR receiver and analog/binary inputs. ZAS is a great solution for demanding applications in hotel rooms and apartments since it is able to manage climate, shutters, lights… and all through an intuitive and modern touch panel.

KBSound iSelect

Sound System for your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home.
When integrated with KBSOUND® DOCK it allows you to enjoy the radio or listen to music from your iPod, iPhone or additional sound source.

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