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Stabiplan biedt u StabiCAD 8: innovatieve ontwerpsoftware voor de installatiewereld op een CAD en/of Revit platform. Met StabiCAD 8 kan elke tekenaar technische installaties ontwerpen, visualiseren, controleren en optimaliseren. Met een doordacht en gecontroleerd ontwerp en de juiste detaillering draagt StabiCAD 8 bij tot een efficiënt en krachtig beheer bij het realiseren van de installatie.


Stabicad 9

With the new release of Stabicad 9 the MEP engineer has access to the most advanced design software available at this time. The software is fully multiplatform. The powerful Stabicad functionality is available for both Revit and AutoCAD enabling an optimal exchange of information. When used with the Autodesk Building Design Suite, you have all the tools in hand to design every conceivable BIM project.

Stabicad for Revit

Revit is rapidly developing into a powerful design platform around the world, and Stabicad for Revit is part of this journey. Stabicad’s convenient functions are a good supplement to standard Revit functionality and provide major added value to design efficiency and usable output. Stabicad for Revit is the best choice if your specifications call for BIM and Revit.

BIM and exchange

With Stabicad, both the advisor and the installation company are ready for BIM, a process that entails the use of 3D models for the design, construction, and/or use of (construction) projects. BIM is mainly about collaboration with component models for architecture, construction, installations, etc. for which different parties are responsible, with the goal of improving the construction process and thereby reducing failure costs.
Stabicad for Revit is the perfect tool for advisors and installation companies who want to collaborate on a BIM project. Major advantages of Revit include 3D modeling across multiple floors and coordination with construction partners in a single model.

Since Stabicad is multi-platform-based, functions are available both in Revit and in CAD, and you can keep your installation model up to date on both platforms with a single click of the mouse, via the exchange file with the .SXF extension. This allows you to bundle the capacity of your Revit modelers and CAD draftsmen in every BIM project. You can use engineering functions in Stabicad for AutoCAD that are not (yet) available on the Revit platform in order to easily update the model in the same way.
The clash detection function allows you to coordinate your installation systems with 3D models from other construction team members. Navisworks is a good tool for this if the models are delivered in various file formats.

Libraries and

Stabicad for Revit has a complete family library with parametrically constructed symbols for Electrical and Mechanical installation, thereby offering the same article databases with Dutch product information as Stabicad for AutoCAD. The families are subdivided into manufacturer-independent families for the design phase and frequently used manufacturer-specific components for further detailing. Whether you opt for specified or unspecified, you will always work with families and components that comply with French and European standards.
The content for Mechanical is kept up to date thanks to a good relationship with manufacturers and suppliers, and consists of thousands of families containing pipes and fittings for HVAC, sewer and sanitation, as well as components for plant rooms. From pipe crossing, balancing valves, reducing bends, access pieces, siphons to VAV boxes, ventilation convectors, rectangular-round bends, splitters, rectangular and round dampers, rectangular saddles, under floor pieces, double T-pieces, to end pieces and plate heat exchangers used in plant rooms.
In order to utilize the growing online availability of manufacturers’ product information, Stabicad has a content browser that can also search for Revit families and 3D elements to be used e in your model, so you no longer have to first download and save files to access this information. Stabicad saves the information from the selected family directly to your project. Thanks to the link to commercial data, your design will have the right item number for ordering and maintenance purposes.

Working methods and IFC

Since Stabicad operates with standard Revit elements from a library, Stabicad for Revit is excellent for participating in projects with architects, contractors, advisors, and construction and installation companies that collaborate by means of a particular working method. A working method makes it possible to establish, per project, agreements on phasing, families, materials, manufacturers, coding, etc., thereby standardizing and optimizing the design process. Depending on the LOD, you can use manufacturer-independent families or manufacturer-specific components from the Stabicad for Revit family database.
Stabicad for Revit also possesses the tools necessary for accessing and sharing design information from 3D models. For exchange with IFC, we utilize the IFC exchange function that comes. All included families and 3D components are based on this IFC-certified Autodesk standard.
In existing projects, our clients collaborate using Stabicad for Revit according to the various working methods well known in the construction industry: DeltaPi, 3B, BIM Slim, SmartRevit, etc.

Uniform management

StabiBASE gives families and projects structure and overview. Revit models and CAD drawings of the same project can be grouped together and opened using StabiBASE. Stabicad will automatically launch the relevant platform. Various functions and content are also shared in StabiBASE. This makes it possible to use product information from the same database. You use the same screens for adding product lines, and the Product Line Importer (for importing and updating product information) makes it easy to convert between CAD symbols and Revit families.
You simply place frames and title blocks on sheets to show project and design information in the model. These title blocks are linked to project information in StabiBASE so information can be updated with a single click of the mouse. Generating Views and Sheets in Stabicad for Revit is automated as much as possible, thereby saving you a lot of manual work. The result is speed and uniformity in, for example, adopting various floors based on an architectural model linked to floor plans that have yet to be created. Stabicad for Revit recognizes the linked model, you select the views to be generated, and Stabicad does the rest, generating the right views for the selected disciplines. Automatic generation of sheets based on floor plans works the same way.


Stabicad makes it even easier to work with Revit. The functions in Stabicad for Revit can be quickly accessed through the Ribbon interface and the familiar Palette Center from Stabicad for AutoCAD, with all the Electrical families and functions categorized in tabs.
You can place the right installation components in the model using the convenient insertion functions. You select the type of element (such as pump, valve, radiator, air terminal, fire protection valve), and Stabicad displays the options, after which you select the manufacturer and size. You finish by inserting the chosen element in the model with a single click of the mouse. You can opt for insertion either “free within the room” or “hosted” (related) to structural elements. The “A-2A layout” function lets you distribute air terminals of a chosen family throughout a room based on the number of set rows and columns.
You can insert components in relation to each other by using a clever copy function. Place a faucet by a sink and Stabicad will insert faucets in the correct position next to the doors sinks of the respective family with a single click of the mouse. The copy function ensures that this is done with all the objects of a family within a certain selection, in a floor plan, or in the entire model.
Since modifying the height of components is not carried out uniformly in Revit, the generic Stabicad function from StabiTOOLS is available in Stabicad for Revit for this purpose. This makes it easy to insert ventilation ducts between the dropped ceiling and the floor of each level. You decide whether the height should be measured from the middle, top, or bottom.


Receiving an architectural Revit or IFC model? Then use Revit for structural physics calculations, such as transmission and cooling load, as long as the architect or contractor has included sufficient structural physics data in the model. Revit contains functions for calculating ventilation ducts and gas and water pipes in accordance with international standards and formulas.

Stabicad for AutoCAD

Fully 3D and BIM-proof

A complete installation can be designed in 3D with Stabicad. Using the grips you can easily continue drawing in three dimensions. You can add connection points to manufacturer’s 3D symbols, after which they can be used directly in the Stabicad 3D drawing. The 3D model from Stabicad is suitable for your BIM workflow with Stabicad for Revit.

Single - double - 3D

A complete installation can be designed in 3D with Stabicad. Using the grips you can easily continue drawing in three dimensions. You can add connection points to manufacturer’s 3D symbols, after which they can be used directly in the Stabicad 3D drawing. The 3D model from StabiCAD is suitable for your BIM workflow with Stabicad for Revit.

Maintain control and grip yourself

The various control functions in Stabicad ensure that you maintain your grip on the installation, both during and after drawing the installation. The installation monitor in the drawing shows which symbols are present on which group. General control functions ensure that your installation is correctly drawn and the complete installation is checked on the basis of rules entered in advance.


You can also maintain control because Stabicad can be tailored completely to your business structure and process, for example, using the functionality of profiles and permissions. Stabicad is available in several languages and localizations, which means that the software is suitable for standards and the working method of the installation sector in the relevant country. Other examples of the software’s accessibility are the extensive search function and StabiBASE via internet/intranet.

Integration of calculations – drawing

Apart from air ducts and gas pipes, Stabicad can now also perform tap water calculations. Stabicad calculates the complete installation according to standard and with a single mouse click the results are placed in a table or view in the drawing.

Draw quickly - change easily

Context-sensitive functions under the right-mouse button ensure that only relevant functions and symbols are available for drawing the installation. The grips provide speed for further drawing and editing, for example, when converting a system to a different material or manufacturer. By double-clicking symbols, characteristics such as color and attributes can be edited.
The junction resolver function improves drawing speed by showing several possibilities for connecting pipes and ducts while drawing. Other examples are connecting radiators and sanitary equipment in one go and copying characteristics from other symbols in the drawing.

New modules in Stabicad

•Tap water piping calculations
•Generating burglary and fire safety diagrams
•Mechanical Engineering diagrams with page explorer

Stabicad Elektro Installatietechniek

Stabicad vereenvoudigt het maken van genormeerde sterk- en zwakstroom installaties en schema’s. De software past zich aan aan uw wensen. U ontwerpt met behulp van lichtlijnen en verdeelt armaturen automatisch per ruimte. U plaatst kast/kring informatie bij symbolen en vervangt en verschaalt symbolen meervoudig. Stabicad zorgt voor de juiste positie en schaal.

Stabicad CV & Leidingen

Teken in Stabicad uw installatie met echt materiaal. Kies uw paneel- en designradiatoren uit de complete fabrikantendatabase en plaats ze in de ruimte. Stabicad laat zien wat het totale vermogen is en zet de radiatorinfo in de tekening. Teken aanvoer- en retourleidingen tegelijk en sluit ze automatisch aan. Presentatie in isometrie is een kwestie van één druk op de knop. Of u nu vast of flexibel heeft getekend.

Stabicad Sanitair & Riolering

Ontwerp een rioleringsysteem met sanitaire toestellen. En wijzig met Stabicad in één muisklik de complete installatie of een deel ervan. Bijvoorbeeld van hoogte of materiaal. Dat betekent nooit meer overtekenen als de opdrachtgever de uitvoering wijzigt van PVC naar PE.

Stabicad Lucht

Teken met Stabicad eenvoudig een compleet luchtkanaalstelsel. Plaats de roosters in de ruimte: rechthoekig, rond, met- en zonder plenumbox, kanaal- en jetflow. Geef materiaal en debieten op en teken het verzamelkanaal. Geef een aantal voorkeuren op en Stabicad sluit de roosters aan via een vork- of graataansluiting. Compleet met aansluitingen en verlopen.

Stabicad Technische Ruimten

Het is bekend. Technische ruimten zijn zo klein mogelijk en toch moeten alle technische installaties er een plek krijgen. Met Stabicad tekent u namelijk de juiste afmetingen van leidingen en appendages vanuit de fabrikantendatabase. Maak verschillende voor- en zijaanzichten om makkelijker te tekenen en uw ontwerp te controleren. In een 3D-aanzicht laat u de opdrachtgever en monteur zien hoe het wordt.

Stabicad Gasleidingberekening

Het steeds verder aanscherpen van de normen voor installaties vraagt nauwkeuriger ontwerpen. In Stabicad gebruikt u exacte diameters en berekent u de gasinstallatie volgens de geldende norm. Bovendien geeft berekenen in CAD meer ontwerpsnelheid. Een gewijzigde installatie is met een enkele muisklik opnieuw doorgerekend. Met een presentatie in isometrie voor de monteur.

Stabicad Luchtkanaalberekening

Het steeds verder aanscherpen van de normen voor installaties vraagt nauwkeuriger ontwerpen. Met een juiste installatietekening en betrouwbare informatie als resultaat. In Stabicad gebruikt u exacte diameters uit de actuele productdatabases en berekent u de installatie volgens de geldende norm. Zowel voor woningbouw als utiliteit. U levert uw opdrachtgever het bewijs in de tekening.

Het voordeel: rekenen binnen Stabicad maakt een externe applicatie overbodig. Stabicad gebruikt voor de berekening leiding- en toestelinformatie uit de tekening. Dat betekent tijdwinst en minder fouten. Want de randvoorwaarden voor de berekening hoeft u niet meer te exporteren naar een berekeningsprogramma. Of met de hand in te voeren. Bovendien ziet u direct in de tekening wat de gevolgen zijn van uw materiaalkeuze.

Zet met Stabicad eenvoudig ontwerpalternatieven naast elkaar. Compleet met drukverlies, benodigde ruimte en materiaal voor de begroting. Voer bij een wijziging in de installatie, bijvoorbeeld als gevolg van coördinatie met andere installaties, direct in de tekening een controleberekening uit. U ziet in één oogopslag of het systeem nog binnen de normen valt. Zonder opnieuw een export te maken naar een externe applicatie.

Zo is rekenen net zo eenvoudig als tekenen. Want berekenen in CAD geeft meer ontwerpsnelheid: met een enkele muisklik staan de resultaten in een tabel of aanzicht in de tekening. Bijvoorbeeld als isometrie voor de monteur. Zo tekent u uw installaties goed en snel. Ook bij wijzigingen.

Stabicad Tapwaterleidingberekening

Het steeds verder aanscherpen van de normen voor installaties vraagt nauwkeuriger ontwerpen. In Stabicad gebruikt u exacte diameters en berekent u de gasinstallatie volgens de geldende norm. Bovendien geeft berekenen in CAD meer ontwerpsnelheid. Een gewijzigde installatie is met een enkele muisklik opnieuw doorgerekend. Met een presentatie in isometrie voor de monteur.

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