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Audio Visual Lighting (wholesaler/import/export) is specialized in the sale, distribution and service of professional audio-, video- and light equipment.


mini Fresneled 50

High efficiency, long-lasting, innovative white light source:
A family of Fresnel luminaires with 50W white led chip available in a wide bunch of options, suitable to the most comprehensive uses: from the most simple plug in version, to the professional version with DMX and local dimming control.
Ideal for installation where energy saving and maintenance cost reduction are important: shop windows, malls, museums, exhibitions, art galleries and rental companies, but also: small TV studios, photographer etc.

Main features:
• Adjustable beam from 12° hot spot to 76° even wide flood
• Light output higher than the usual 300W halogen lamps, with energy saving and less heat production
• Life, at least 10 times longer than any halogen lamp: saving the cost of the lamp and of its replacement
• No dangerous UV or IR rays for the safe lighting of the people and objects
• Extra long life of any coloured filters thanks to the cold and clean light beam
• Different colour temperature versions available with the same long life of the source ( 3000 K, 4000 K, 5700 K )
• Possibility of dimming, without the problem of changing the colour temperature
• Real further energy saving when dimming: as the reduction of light corresponds to the real reduction of the costs
• Clean light source without mercury and radioactive components
• Use of the same range of accessories of the standard mini range (barn door, filter holder, hooks, etc)

LC Serie LED strips


• synchronized spectrums through the combination of four LED-colours
• provide brilliant colour rendering especially suitable for the natural colours of foods
• no control necessary. The synchronisation of the spectrums is carried out in the factory.

Available in the following configurations:

105.0012 LC12/25-250-S2 warm Food 250 mm 12,5 mm/25 mm

105.0042 LC12/25-250-S2 cold Food 250 mm 12,5 mm/25 mm

105.0072 LC12/25-250-S2 Meat 250 mm 12,5 mm/25 mm

M-Series Led tiles

LED Tile M6 / M12 / M25

- for scrolling texts in black/white, videos or animated light
- suitable for application using the 12 different LED colours available (eight white tones and four colours)
- a video-controllable LED-Tile, with a light quality of (CRI >80)
- can be very brightly controlled, (dimmable from 0-100 %)

Phos Mini LED projector

No other light source can match the efficiency of an LED, the acronym for Light Emitting Diode. An LED generates light without UV and infra-red radiation. It also guarantees durability of 30.000 operating hours by low energy consumption and a compact style. You can quickly recoup the initial expenses. The LED projector generates less warmth and can be used absolutely noiselessly without aeration. Immediately after being switched on the light is reproduced in full intensity. The projections have the distinction of an extraordinary sharpness and an even distribution of brightness which is the result of precise emission without an additional reflector.

LED Track lights

- 4.8W LED Track Light replaces 50W GU10. Suitable for general displays, jewellery retailers, hotels, museums and general illuminations for lower ceiling heights.
- 14.4W LED Track Light that replaces 100W halogen. Suitable for museums, retail stores, exhibitions, displays and general illuminations.
- 28.8W LED Track Light that replaces 70W CDM. Suitable for high level window and display lighting, retail stores, exhibitions.
- 57.6W LED Track Light replaces 150W CDM. Suitable for high level supermarket application, large retail stores, exhibitions and general illumination from high raft heights.

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