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Kistamässan, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 18/10/2018

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Wennerström Ljuskontroll AB

Wennerström Ljuskontroll AB



We are a tech sales company specialised in lighting components, systems solutions for control and monitoring, and offer services based on the new connected technology. With advanced LED solutions and digital components from Europe’s leading manufacturers, we create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting solutions for single rooms to entire properties. We are general agent for Tridonic in the Nordics and Baltics and our main customer segment is manufacturers of luminaires, electrical wholesalers, electrical contractors and property owners.


Product news

  • ready2mains

    Professional dimming without rewiring: ready2mainsTM Gateway 400VA

    For the first time, Tridonic offers a simple and cost-effective solution for upgrading your lighting systems in the form of digital ready2mains technology. All you have to do is replace the existing conventional luminaires with new ready2mains-compatible LED luminaires and integrate a ready2mains gateway. This gateway transmits the commands from pushbuttons, sensors or DALI/DSI controllers on the existing mains cable. There is no need for any additional cabling for transmitting the dimming commands. The total connected load of the gateway is 400 VA, sufficient for 15 LED Drivers operating in broadcast mode. The extremely robust digital ready2mains signal supports cable lengths of up to 250 m.

    Automatic configuration of LED drivers: ready2mainsTM programmer

    An important component of our new ready2mains technology is the programmer for configuring ready2mains, DALI and U6Me2 drivers during luminaire manufacture. ready2mains uses simple leading-edge and trailing-edge phase control to transfer digital commands via the mains cable. These commands can be used not only for dimming but also for programming the output current of the LED Driver, for example. ready2mains offers flexible integration in existing manufacturing processes, including automatic configuration. For the first time, simple automated programming is possible even for fixed-output devices. There is also the option of programming complete streets with midnight functionality by means of the U6Me2 protocol.



  • New website

    Wennerström Ljuskontroll focuses on our customers and to improve our service. Because of that we have launched a new web where you have access to all of our products with information such as technical data, pictures and possible replacement products. And most important of all - you can now shop directly online via our web shop. When you log in you will have access to your prices, order history, invoices and delivery notifications.


  • We are now launching WLK.eu in several different languages – welcome to our website!

    Wennerström Ljuskontroll always focuses on the customer, and we are always striving to improve our service. This is why we are pleased to inform you that we are now launching our website and online store in the Nordic languages and English.

    On the homepage, you simply choose which language you want to have as standard by clicking on the flag of your choice.

    In our online store you can access our product range, with information including technical data, images, recommended replacements, e-numbers and data sheets. When you log in, you will also have access to your company’s unique prices, delivery status, invoices and order history, 24/7. We encourage you to visit www.wlk.eu today!


  • Humana, Gävle – winner of the Swedish Light Award!

    Humana is the winner of the prestigious Swedish Light Award. The prize was awarded during the Day of Light on September 5, 2017 at Berns Salonger in Stockholm. The property owner Humana, Ljusrum, WLK and Midroc has in close cooperation realized the lighting at Humana's new, modern care center situated in Gävle. The focus in the project is to use the latest technology with smart automated light control with change of light level and light colour temperature to follow the natural change of daylight during a 24h cycle.

    Press Release: Humana, Gävle – winner of the Swedish Light Award!


  • IoT’s possibilities for better ventilation and air quality

    WLK, together with Locum, Vasakronan, Stockholm stad, Förvaltaren, SISAB, REQS System and Softhouse, run a development project within IoT (Internet of Things). The focus of the project is to improve the quality and efficiency of the control of the ventilation and air quality with the aid of sensors. Today the aim of the project is restricted to ventilation and air quality but in future, IoT offers many possibilities for surveillance and inspections of possession buildings.
    Project objectives
    The aim of the project is to improve the quality and efficiency of implemented controls related to ventilation and air quality using sensors in real estate that follow the latest developments within IoT.
    The project should demonstrate that it is economically beneficial to introduce this technology.
    The project will help to give property owners improved opportunities to assess the status of their real estates
    The project is being prepared gathering additional information from other technical installations and activities.
    For more information, please contact Marcus Björkman, WLK Solutions Manager

  • Vote for ready2apply as this year’s best new lighting product!

    WLK’s ready2apply is competing to be named this year’s most innovative new lighting product. All new products will be displayed in the exhibition hall, and you will find this section on the hall level of the exhibition. The winner will be announced on stage 1 on Wednesday 18 October at 3.15 pm.

    EM ready2apply emergency lighting – simple installation with maximum safety
    The new EM ready2apply emergency lighting luminaire is suitable for ceiling installation. By choosing between three different lenses, you can create Escape Route, Anti-Panic or Spot emergency lighting. The unit constitutes a milestone in emergency lighting, as flexible circuitry has made it possible to integrate a light source, battery and drivers for emergency lighting in a compact luminaire.

    Installation and properties
    The unique design of the product makes it very simple to install, with an assembly time of just a few seconds. EM ready2apply with a colour temperature of 6500 K and colour rendering of CRI> 80 comes with two different batteries for 1 or 3 hour operation. The product is available in three different models, EM R2A BASIC, EM R2A SELFTEST, EM R2A PRO, and covers everything from manual testing to fully automated testing via DALI.

    For more information, you are welcome to visit our stand, F18:B