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Kistamässan, Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
17 - 18/10/2018

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Valtavalo Oy

Valtavalo Oy


90620 OULU

Valtavalo is a Finnish company, specialised in energy efficient lighting solutions. Valtavalo aims to improve the competitiveness and well-being of it's clients with energy saving and environmentally friendly solutions. Own R&D and manufacturing as well as an extensive partner network combined with a short supply chain guarantee the best possible quality and competitive pricing.


Product news

  • What do you do when the light goes off?

    What do you do when the light goes off? Do you need to change the whole luminaire or, in the worst case, do a total renovation of the lighting, if the same kind of LED luminaire is no longer available? What if you could just install a new LED tube to an existing luminaire?

    Come and learn how Valtavalo's long-life LED lighting solutions are far more cost-effective compared to the total costs of integrated LEDs or ordinary low-priced LED tubes. You will find us at stand D:02.

    Read more at our blog: https://valtavalo.fi/blogikirjoitukset/choose-led-tube-light-instead-integrated-led-fixture/?lang=en