Distributiecentra 2011

The fertilization between EMPACK and TRANSPORT & LOGISTIEK will be re-deployed in 2011. The explicit focus of the grant program of this tradeshow is on stores and wholesalers. To optimally integrate these specialties easyFairs has summarized this in a separate program: DISTRIBUTIECENTRA 2011.

Are you looking for producers, suppliers or integrators of the following technologies and solutions? Than you can not be missed at DISTRIBUTIECENTRA 2011. 

  • Constructions: ground supplier, contractor, design agencies.
  • Equipment: shelving, floors, doors, bins, coolers.
  • Internal Transport equipment: crane and forklift, double cargo handling, transport belts, conveyor belts, pallettrucks, lifelines, measuring and weighing systems, order picking systems, material handling systems
  • Logistical Software: warehouse managementsystems, identificationsystems, inventory management systems, financial services
  • Facility Management: security, fire safety, climate control, cleaning, logistic consultancy.

For more information or bookings:
Bianca Wouters - Sales executive
Tel + 31 (0) 162 408 998

Take a look at the brochure ( in Dutch)

Note: The entrance is only accessible for professionals. Students are not allowed.
easyFairs Netherlands BV is member of CLC.


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