The experiences of industrial enterprises show that outsourcing some of the tasks related to maintenance can generate real benefits, which is indicated by the growing universality of this practice. Maintaining continuous production is one of the most important areas in a production company, while the specifics of operations related to maintenance – particularly access to knowledge and resources – can be very expensive. Choosing an outsourcing company often becomes an alternative solution that enables to reduce the expenses and to increase the probability of solving problems related to optimisation of the production.

There are many outsourcing companies on the Polish market that deal with Maintenance, which is why potential service providers are presented with a wide choice. On the other hand, outsourcing companies have to look for different ways to reach customers.

One of the most effective ways of establishing a large number of contacts is the MAINTENANCE fair – particularly a zone specifically created for the outsourcing companies.

We invite to participate in the fair’s outsourcing zone:

  • Companies providing training services for optimisation of the production
  • Consulting companies providing services for audits in the production departments
  • Companies providing outsourcing Maintenance services for:

         - grease and oil management
         - fluids management (chemicals, industrial water)
         - industrial waste utilisation
         - machine condition diagnostics (AKP)
         - industrial cleaning
         - storage management
         - compressed air and steam management
         - industrial IT systems implementation
         - non-industrial infrastructure management

  • Companies providing services for repairs, service, supervision and modernisation of the industrial installations and their components.

Among the unquestionable advantages of both participation in the fairs as well as joining in Outsourcing Zone are:

  • An opportunity to reach those who are most interested, as the visitors are exclusively involved in the sector and searching for solutions to reduce the expenses of the maintenance or to improve quality of the services.
  • A chance to present the experiences during the learnShops workshops and Maintenance School.
  • Low cost of the participation: one price for a fully equipped stand and a possibility for a presentation.


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