Who will visit? IT buyers!

The biggest issue IT-managers have today just might be getting the budget to cover the new investments that their companies really need to make.

A big part of that budget is already locked up in supporting their legacy systems -- but as the tremendous advantages of technology advances overtake the hurdles to new investments, the money "magically" appears!

As an exhibitor at IT-MESSEN you will meet all these IT managers -- and their co-workers, and their budget-holding BOSSES....

Featured exhibitors
Netop Solutions A/S - Trigono ASData Equipment A/SRicoh NorgeISPHuset Nordic ASCN GROUP - Nearshore SW DevelopmentLanse 3-Play ASCA Technologies – ARCserve NorwayXtra personell Norge ASInteractive Norway ASLundalogik ASRacom ASEnaco ASCoromatic ASData Center Technology ASHansaWorld Norway ASPurity IT ASVentelo Norge AS3M Norge ASAvantis Distribution AS
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