Advanced Engineering

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Revolutionary access to low cost energy storage

Aceleron will be displaying their battery energy storage module which is made from 100% recycled materials including repurposed batteries.

This feature demonstrates how much Aceleron are able to extract value from end-of-life materials which in turns demonstrates how much more energy savings/carbon saving can be made.

Recent awards & recognition enjoyed by Aceleron 2016-17

  • Awarded the Hawley Award for Engineering Innovation which Benefits the Environment from the Worshipful Company of Engineers.
  • Recently featured in the Guardian Sustainable Business as a solution for the growing waste problem.
  • Been listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017
  • Been awarded an InnovateUK project to demonstrate our technology further
  • Been featured in the Business Quarterly Magazine
  • Won the Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017
  • Been featured on BBC Business Live (attached pictures)
  • Processed over 1000 batteries for reuse
  • Started a trial with a major automotive OEM to assess the reuse potential of their electric vehicle battery

Hydrogen-powered electric vehicle by Riversimple

Water is the only bi-product expelled from the exhaust of UK manufacturer Riversimple's hydrogen-powered electric vehicle.

Riversimple's Rasa prototype, which is reportedly capable of travelling 300 miles on a full tank of hydrogen, was designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible.

The vehicle incorporates an interior trim made from recycled plastic bottles and lightweight materials such as a carbon-composite chassis.


AEROSPACE: Ground based test rig for electric contra rotating propulsion

Safran Landing Gear

Safran Landing Systems is the world leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of landing gear systems. A unique combination of advanced engineering capabilities, integrated systems technology and experience on an exhaustive range of programs enables Safran Landing Systems to provide innovative solutions for a diverse range of aircraft.

In today's dynamic aerospace environment, the challenges of the market require a holistic view of the product life cycle. At Safran Landing Systems, our focus is to provide landing gear systems which are not only reliable and robust, but increasingly weight efficient and environmentally responsible, thus providing overall value across the full life of an aircraft program.

Safran landing gear

REAP Bikes

UK made carbon bikes, born from a never ending desire for speed.  Use of composite materials and partnered  with Bentley, Gibbs and Boeing); aerodynamics.

Libralato Hybrid Engine

The Libralato hybrid engine is a completely new kind of rotary engine with a new thermodynamic cycle. The engine was first concept tested in 2011, followed by more rigorous proof of concept testing and analysis in 2014, which indicated that its revolutionary 9-phase cycle is effective and is capable of exceptionally high efficiency and low emissions. The Libralato engine is predicted to be the most efficient compact engine in the world; at least as efficient as a diesel engine (c.40%) using gasoline but half the size and weight.


Transfiniti transmission (PPSI)

Transfiniti transmission (PPSI) Infinitely Variable Transmission with individual Wheel Speed and Direction Vectoring. new Transmission can offer a step change in vehicle performance, economy, fuel efficiency, handling and safety as well as reducing CO2 and noise emissions.

Land Rover

Land Rover using composites processing tech from Cristex.

Land Rover

Formula 3 / Morgan cars from University of Wolverhampton

The Morgan Motor Company and University of Wolverhampton today (15/03/2016) announced a partnership between the two organisations that will enhance student experience and future product development through motorsport.

Caterham Car

Caterham Car using Crestapol resin from Scott Bader.