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Now more than ever, industrial production is a key driver for innovation, productivity, growth and job creation. As we embark on this new revolution where disruptive technologies connect information technology and operational technology, Connected Manufacturing will catalyse the business and technology opportunities that exist between innovators, customers and suppliers - including those within IIoT, big data, automation and more...

Please note, as with all live events, the conference programme is subject to change.



Introduction to Industry 4.0

Siemens, Speaker to be confirmed


Introduction to industry 4.0



What is industrial digitalisation and how to make it happen

  • Rational and principles of industrial digitalisation
  • Examples of the art of the possible
  • What is the opportunity for companies and for the UK
  • How does it happen – innovation and technology
  • Examples of industrial digitalisation
  • How does it happen – the whole process of adoption

Dr Lina Huertas, Head of Technology Strategy for Digital Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)


Digital Readiness Level for Manufacturing

Simon Barnes, Commercial Director, HSSMI

Moving from the ‘What is Digital Manufacturing?’ to the ‘How do I establish the benefits of Digital Manufacturing’. Driving implementation of Digital Manufacturing back to strategy for business improvement, being aware of the wider impact of digital both inside the business and with suppliers and customers. An appreciation that digital is about more than technology; value and leadership as well. Developing a common language for discussion and engagement. Driving improvement and managed investment with a clear vision for value enhancement


SME Support for Digitalisation

This presentation will be split into two sections, the first will cover current challenges and barriers to digitisation for Manufacturing SMEs in the UK, whereas the second will take a look into addressing those challenges, highlighting Diagnostic Tools as a way to gain visibility about the current state before beginning your digital transformation journey

Tim Andrews, Senior Consultant, MTC and Junuz Jakupovic, Technology Exploitation Officer, MTC


DIT strategy & overview

Simon Hall, Director Export & Investment Midlands Engine, Department for International Trade (DIT)


Industry 4.0, Smart Factories and Autonomous (Mobile) Robot

Mike Wilson, President, BARA




Subject - coming soon

Speaker - coming soon, Atos


IIoT – Building the Factory of the Future on Smart Foundations

Martin Walder, Vice President Schneider Electric    or Chris Haines, Marketing Director, Schneider Electric

Much has been written in the last few years on IIoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing but what practical steps should business leaders be taking to build their factory of the future and what are the tangible business benefits which can be realised? This session will explore the top perceived barriers to investment and will explain with the aid of practical examples, how connected solutions can overcome these and deliver sustainable business benefits for the future.


Subject - coming soon

Speaker - coming soon, Atos


Technology Drivers and the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • The very significant role of digital technology and how to encourage adoption
  • Implications of the evolving regulatory environment
  • Understanding the impacts of technology adoption
  • How the technology sector can dovetail with those on a digital transformation journey

Matthew Evans, techUK


Case studies of successful implementations - 1

GAMBICA member + customer


Achieving growth through innovation in product development, design, and back office operations

  • Modern workplace practices including the Digital Transformation, Automation, Mobility, Communication, Catering for a Millennial workforce
  • Tips to attract STEM qualified talent
  • Getting ahead of the competition by getting innovative products and designs to market quickly
  • Standing out from the crowd using innovation in free-thinking design

Canon (UK) Ltd


PROFINET for IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0

  • A short journey to explain IoT - The Internet of Things, IIoT - The Industrial Internet of things, IND4.0 from IND1.0 and Big Data.
  • How PROFINET is placed as the ideal Industrial Fieldbus to fulfil the above, how it's implemented and why you should consider it. Some of the myths explained

Derek Paul Lane, Automation Manager, WAGO Ltd and Deputy Chairman – PI UK



Opening Address

Mark Garnier MP, Minister for Investment, Department for International Trade (DIT)


Digital manufacturing: Industrial IoT and Analytics

‎Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

Cimlogic Ltd


Introduction to IO-Link – Features and Benefits

  •  With an installed base approaching 4 million nodes IO-Link is THE protocol for communication down to the sensor and actuator level
  • What a typical IO-Link solution consists of, how it interfaces to the control system and the benefits that can be derived from this increased level of communication with IO-Link devices
  • Learn about: easier handling of measurement signals, remote and automatic device parameterisation, smart sensor diagnostic functions and safety over IO-Link
  • How IO-Link is also being an enabler for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 strategies

Russell Smith, IO-Link Specialist, PI-UK Steering Committee and Product Marketing Manager for Industrial Networking, Balluff GmbH




Industry 4.0, Manufacturing’s connectivity and challenge

Ian Simmons, VP Business Development, Corporate Engineering and R & D, Magna International

A broad view of connectivity development and how this will enable new functionality, capability and efficiency in future manufacturing.


The role of academia in helping companies adopt industry 4.0

Dr Carl Diver, School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering, University of Manchester


Digitisation Keynote



Electroform as an Innovative, Disruptive Technology offering an enhanced engineering solution to multiple sectors

Dr Andy Woods, Business Development Manager, Doncasters UK Fabrications Ltd


Digital Integration in Metals AM: From the Perspective of the Powder

Dr Robert Deffley, Research and Development Manager, LPW Technology


Dorian Smellie, Totalcontrolpro


Robotics for manufacturing purposes

Kuka robotics

Connected Manufacturing
Connected Manufacturing
Connected Manufacturing
Connected Manufacturing
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