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The rise of composite materials continues across an ever-increasing number of applications. The advances provided by composite materials within automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, construction and oil and gas, to name just a few, are revolutionising businesses and benefiting millions of people. With the industry showing no signs of slowing down, the Composites Engineering show has already established itself as one of the world’s most important composite raw material, design, processing and applications events.

Please note, as with all live events, the conference programme is subject to change.




Strategy delivery and sector deal

Alex Aucken, CLF


Delivering the UK composites strategy - 2

Supporting growth and demand in the industry

Faye Smith, Composites UK chair


Delivering the UK composites strategy - 3

Leveraging funding to grow your business

Ajay Kapadia, KTN


Delivering the UK composites strategy - 4

Sourcing your workforce now and in the future

Paul Shakespeare, CLF skills WG and NCC


Construction - 1

Structural use of composites

Speaker - coming soon, Millfield Composites

Construction - 2

Construction - the opportunites and challenges

James Henderson, Atkins Ltd

Construction - 3


Speaker - coming soon, Armacell

Construction - 4

Modular housing

Justin Jin, Axia Materials


Composites UK awards 2017

More information coming soon


Automation - 1

Artificial intelligence

Clive Chitiz, Plataine

Automation - 2

Automation and industry 4.0 for SMEs

Ben Morgan, AMRC

Automation - 3

More information coming soon



Affordable composites - 1

The challenges and opportunities for automotive

Phil Bruce / Henry Sarel-Cooke, CLF

Affordable composites - 2

Meeting the needs of high volume production

Shanta Desai, Nissan

Affordable composites - 3

Flexible lightweight architecture for volume applications (FLAVA)

Speaker - coming soon, Penso


Repair and inspection - 1

More information coming soon

Repair and inspection - 2

More information coming soon

Repair and inspection - 3

More information coming soon


Strategy: future - 1

What the composites sector deal means for you

Faye Smith, Avalon Consultancy Services Ltd

Strategy: future - 2

Developing technologies for cross-sector demands

Peter Chivers, CLF, TWG and NCC

Strategy: future - 3

Modernising standards for a changing world

Katerina Busuttil, BSI


Rail - 1

More information coming soon

Rail - 2

More information coming soon

Rail - 3

More information coming soon


Sustainability (recycling) - 1

Cross industry challenges

Stella Job, CLF Sustainability WG

Sustainability (recycling) - 2

Reclaiming high spec carbon fibre from end of life composites

Andrew Page, Toyota Tsusho

Sustainability (recycling) - 3

High volume applications for recycles GRP

Rod Fox, Revaluetech

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