Top 10 reasons to exhibit

Tank Storage Canada is the annual focal point of the regions bulk liquid storage sector. It offers a unique marketing platform which will produce superior results over other forms of marketing, in the shortest time span.

  • Your competitors will be there. While you're back at your desk, they could be doing business with your customers.
  • Keep the business you have and secure the growth you want.
  • Attendees will be there looking for the latest and greatest in the industry. Will you be there to show it to them?
  • Keep up with industry news, products and services in a challenging economy; it's more important than ever to stay on top of the trends.
  • Harnessing all 5 senses through face to face communication & demonstrations, ensuring your message gets through to the right people.
  • Save on travel expenses; meet all your current and potential customers in one convenient location!
  • Canada is the world’s sixth largest oil producer and storage & distribution infrastructure, and is critical to support the region’s growth and stature in the global market.
  • Exhibiting shows that you are one of the major players in this industry.
  • Be prepared for the upturn - when conditions change, you'll need to be ready.
  • Network with current and potential customers and even competitors - building these relationships can help your business grow.


By exhibiting at Tank Storage Canada your company will benefit from:

  • Meeting your market face-to-face
  • Direct selling to serious buyers in active buying mode
  • Building prospect databases
  • Generating high-quality sales leads
  • Building relationships with existing customers
  • Demonstrating products/services
  • Improving media relations
  • Generating media exposure
  • Building brand awareness
  • Launching new products/services
  • Positioning your company as a market leader
  • Targeting, testing and developing new markets
  • Boosting financial analyst/investor perceptions
  • Conducting market research
  • Identifying and recruiting new distributors or partners
  • Harnessing all five senses to drive home your messages
  • Gathering competitive intelligence
  • Networking with industry peers

For more information on exhibiting at Tank Storage Canada, please contact:

Sharé Mason – International Sales & Marketing Manager
T: +44 (0)20 8843 8819
F: +44 (0)20 8892 1929

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