We are pleased to invite you to SyMas 2012 (SOLIDS), taking place in Kraków on 3 & 4 October.

It's Poland’s only trade show offering a full range of the market’s most innovative solutions for bulk solids processing, handling and storage! And again in 2012, SyMas is co-located with MAINTENANCE 2012, Poland's top show for industrial maintenance and asset management!

Solids industry professionals confirm the importance of this unique platform in Poland: it's where they go to see what’s new on the market and source out innovative potential solutions for their companies' solids needs. Visitors to the last edition of SyMas emphasised how much they liked the specialist, expert nature of the event – and that they would like to see an even wider offer at the next show.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find at SyMas 2012: in just a couple of hours, trade professionals can get an extensive overview of the very latest in equipment, machinery and software available –  solutions for sorting, cutting, grinding, filling, emptying, lifting, transporting, measuring, filtering and weighing materials, PLUS safety and environmental protection, storage and transport!

The show’s casual but business-like atmosphere makes it easy for you to make direct contact with suppliers, to ask specific questions about how their wares might help you solve your specific business issues, to "see and feel" these solutions for yourself, and to compare -- side by side -- the offerings of various suppliers.  If you're a buyer, it’s like due diligence in a bottle!

So, if your job depends on knowing what's new in this area and finding solutions that are well-suited to your company's particular needs, the most time & cost effective way to achieve that is to visit SyMas 2012!

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