Messukeskus Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland
29 - 30/05/2018

Advanced Engineering Helsinki 2018 - The cutting edge meeting place for manufacturing industry professionals

May 29.–30. at Messukeskus Helsinki

Advanced Engineering is a professional trade show for the forerunners of industrial techonology. The event follows global concept that has gathered the leaders and professionals together succesfully in UK, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and now for the second time in Finland, Helsinki as well.

Advanced Engineering concept is based on the creation and production of innovative products. At the event you will find everything to ensure you can develop future-proof products from the start of the design, engineering process and prototyping up to the choice of materials and components & connectivity. In 2018, the event will again gather together the future solutions in advanced materials & composites, designing and planning tools, measuring & testing tools, the robotics, automation, electronics and 3D productions.

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(in Finnish - Suomeksi)

Advanced Engineering tapahtuma kokoaa jälleen keväällä  2018 yhteen valmistavaa teollisuutta palvelevat ratkaisut ja tuotteet. Tapahtumasta löydät innovatiivisimmat ratkaisut tuotteiden kehittämiseen sekä valmistukseen.

Advanced Engineering -tapahtumassa näet ja koet 4. teollisen vallankumouksen aina suunnittelusta prototyyppien valmistukseen, automaatioon, sekä uusimpiin materiaaleihin.

Tänäkin vuonna kaksipäiväinen tapahtuma kokoaa yhteen tulevaisuuden ratkaisut edistyksellisistä materiaaleista, suunnittelu- ja mittaustyökaluista, IOT-ratkaisuista,robotiikasta, elektroniikasta, automaatiosta ja 3D-tuotannoista.

Tervetuloa mukaan!

Ennakkorekisteröitymällä voit vierailla tapahtumassa veloituksetta. 
Tapahtuma on suunnattu vain ammattilaisilla ja sen ikäraja on 18-v. 


A visit to the future by Dr Pearson

On the 2nd day of the event Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson on stage!

Ian Pearson has been a full time futurologist for 26 years, tracking and predicting developments across a wide range of technology, business, society, politics and the environment. He is a Maths and Physics graduate, a Doctor of Science, and has worked in numerous branches of engineering from aeronautics to cybernetics, sustainable transport to electronic cosmetics. His 1800+ inventions include text messaging and the active contact lens. He was BT’s full-time futurologist from 1991 to 2007 and now runs Futurizon, a small futures institute. He writes, lectures and consults globally on all aspects of the technology-driven future. He has written seven books and made well over 750 TV and radio appearances. 

See event video here!


  • Advanced materials & composites

  • Designing & planning tools

  • Measuring & Testing

  • Robotics & Automation & Electronics

  • IT & IOT

  • 3D

Take a peek on last years show!

Want to grow business in Finland?


It is often said that it takes several months to find new customers, but only seconds to lose them. At the show, we gather the industry together for only two days. We dare say that it takes longer than that to find new customers, contacts and prospects almost everywhere else. The secret? The physical meeting. It is also where the key is a long-term cooperation.

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