Göteborg, Sweden
27 - 28/03/2019

Experience the future in Gothenburg


Meet qualified people in the industry 

At Advanced Engineering you will meet qualified visitors that wants to do business with you. Meet Engineers, Researchers, Consultants, Owners and DirectorsBuyers and more. 


Experience a time and cost efficient show

We gather the industry during two intense days, which means that you meet more potential customers during these two days than you would during months of normal sales.


Only Business-to-business

The industry in the Gothenburg region is constantly expanding! The show offer you as an exhibitor the possibility to do business with important decision makers from fast growing businesses.


Previous edition

If you are a supplier of innovations in engineering and you want to reach the top trade professionals, you can't afford to miss Advanced Engineering. The show is well established abroad in the United Kingdom and also launched in Norway, Finland and Belgium. Over 140 exhibitors and 2773 visitors participated in 2017.

Co-located show

In 2017 we launched  Advanced Engineering in Gothenburg. It was launched with the show Elektronikmässan which has been arranged since 2011. 

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